Lindsey Thomas esulta dopo la rete del 3-0 segnata contro l'Inter

Thomas: Everybody here shares the same goals

Thomas: Everybody here shares the same goals
Thomas: Everybody here shares the same goals
Thomas: Everybody here shares the same goals

Lindsey Thomas is enjoying an excellent run of form with Juventus Women, having scored four goals in her last three Serie A games for the Bianconere.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, Thomas joined us for a live stream on our official Twitch channel for a chat.

Below, we've compiled some of the standout moments from the broadcast.

On her current form

"Things are going very well at the moment. The first few months were an adjustment for me because it was all new, but these last few games have seen my performances improve and I'm happy with that. My goal is to always help the team, whether I score or not, and I think I'm a very selfless player even if that word doesn't always go hand-in-hand with strikers [laughs]. I always try to balance my characteristics to be as useful as possible to the team. For me, strikers have to score goals but at the same time they must be of use without the ball as well. 

"Of my goals this season I think my first against Inter is my favourite, the header. I remember it the most fondly, even though they all have a place in my heart. But that goal made me very happy."

The Juventus Women squad

"When I got here I found a very close-knit group, one made up of players who know each other very well. We have a solid team and I think we all pull in the same direction, everybody's goals are the same: they're the team's goals. I think this is a big strength of ours, and it's not just something trivial. There's a really good feeling in the group and our start to the season shows that - winning eight of our nine games so fa. But we still have a lot of room for improvement and the season is still long."

It was clear to see how well Thomas has settled when Arianna Caruso appeared in the comments, but for more on that you'll have to head over to Twitch and watch the stream back.

Her celebrations

"There's a reason behind the celebration against Inter. I'm focusing on becoming calmer and concentrated to the absolute maximum before games, leaving my negative thoughts aside. It's harder to make a difference and win if you are overcome with agitation and nervousness, so with the awareness in your ability and with the right level of calm, you can achieve great things."

Receiving the call from Juventus

"I was really happy to receive the call from Juventus, because they are the most successful Italian club in recent years and it's nice to hear they are interested. Then, that emotion gave way to more positive feelings. Calls like that don't come along every day, so I didn't hesitate for a second. The chance to write new pages in this club's history beat anything else."

Biella, a nice surprise

"Our home at Biella this year is really nice, and we've always been greeted there with a real party atmosphere. We feel our fans' support and their closeness to the team. The atmosphere is always great, and it definitely gives us that little bit extra. It's nice to play there like that."

A prestigious shirt

"It's amazing to wear this shirt. You feel the importance it carries, you feel a strong sense of belonging and you always feel obliged to give your all for the club. I'm French, and a lot of French players have made history here. Zinedine Zidane was always a figure of fascination for me, he always had a special place in my heart."

A dream to be realised

"I'd love to win an international tournament with my national team, that would be the crowning achievement of my journey. But I have to say that I'm happy with what I've already been able to achieve in my career, even though I still want to continue growing and to do that by working hard to have the best chance of making my dream a reality."

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