Three Stars In The Kitchen Even At The Allianz Stadium!

Three Stars In The Kitchen Even At The Allianz Stadium!
Three Stars In The Kitchen Even At The Allianz Stadium!
Three Stars In The Kitchen Even At The Allianz Stadium!

As of today, at the Allianz Stadium there will be three more stars. In this case, they do not symbolise the Scudetto, but an excellence recognised in the world: that of the Da Vittorio group, since July 1, has taken charge of the catering services in the Juventus Premium club and in the Legends Club, as regards to both the match day and the business events.

“We are proud to make available to guests in the Hospitality areas of the stadium, thanks to the collaboration with Da Vittorio, the best there can be in terms of catering,” emphasises Alberto Pairetto, Head of Stadium Revenue. “Juventus Premium Club and Legends Club were created to offer absolute excellence, and the Cerea family has always pursued the same goal. The attention to detail, the attention given to its guests, the continuous desire to improve, despite the successes achieved, are just some of the values ​​shared by Juventus and Da Vittorio. And it is thanks to this shared intent, that the experience proposed at the Allianz Stadium, will be even more exclusive and coveted.

“For Juventus, like Da Vittorio, the real strength has always been in teamwork: a quality and cohesive team, which share visions, are the basis of success,” declares the Cerea family. “The values ​​that animate our family are perfectly reflected in those of the most prestigious club in our country: we both try to best represent and enhance the excellence that Italy knows how to produce. We are very happy to have started this collaboration and with our gastronomic offer, we want to add even more taste to the emotions that the guests of the Allianz Stadium experience.”



A name, a guarantee. A brand of excellence in catering and hospitality, with their dedication having been rewarded with Three Michelin Stars, alongside numerous others.

With an unmistakable culinary style that has been going for over 55 years, thanks to the intuition of founder, Vittorio Cerea and his wife Bruna - and the evolution made by his children, who in recent years have integrated tradition with the most modern techniques. A harmony that translates into the enhancement of absolute quality raw materials from the best production areas.

Today, Mrs. Bruna Cerea and her five children manage the Da Vittorio company. Enrico and Roberto are both chefs, Francesco has responsibility for the wine cellar and external catering, Rossella is responsible for hospitality in the restaurant and at Dimora.

The Da Vittorio restaurant opened for the first time in 1966 in the centre of Bergamo, moving in 2005 to Cantalupa in Brusaporto, thus becoming the first local of the Relais & Chateaux circuit in the area.

In the meantime, it had already acquired two Michelin stars, which then became three in 2010. In the following years they also opened restaurants in St. Moritz and Shanghai, which in a short time received two and one Michelin stars respectively.

As far as external catering is concerned, from Bergamo to Los Angeles, Cerea have taken their tasty gastronomic pret-à-porter around the world: contributing to the success of prestigious national and international events, from the service on the occasion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, to the dinner in honour of the former President of the United States Barack Obama and to the one organised for the launch of the new Juventus logo, both in 2017.

Since the start of this service, they have always distinguished themselves for their ability of "live" preparation, thanks to a specially designed export kitchen facility, with dishes cooked directly on site.