Mission: Tottenham

Mission: Tottenham
Mission: Tottenham
Mission: Tottenham

It's a big Monday in Vinovo as the Bianconeri held a tactic-laden training session under the watchful eye of Massimiliano Allegri.


On Tuesday, Juventus will hold the final training session in Turin before departing for London at 11.45AM on Tuesday with the first 15 minutes of the session being streamed live on the official Juventus Facebook page.

After traveling to London, the Bianconeri will inspect the Wembley Stadium pitch at 18.30 local time, 19.30 Italian with the pre-match press conference featuring Massimiliano Allegri and Gianluigi Buffon set for 19.00 local and 20.00 Italian.

Tottenham's press conference is set for 13.00 local time and 14.00 Italian with live streaming also available on our official Facebook page.

SCHEDULE(Turin time):

  • 11.45AM - Juventus training
  • 14.00PM - Tottenham press conference
  • 19.30PM - Wembley Stadium pitch inspection
  • 20.00PM - Allegri & Buffon press conference

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