Un Calcio al Razzismo, the project starts again with TEDxTorino

Un Calcio al Razzismo, the project starts again with TEDxTorino
Un Calcio al Razzismo, the project starts again with TEDxTorino
Un Calcio al Razzismo, the project starts again with TEDxTorino

The first edition of the school project "Un Calcio al Razzismo" (A Kick To Racism) saw over 700 classes taking part across Piedmont. Thanks to this project, more than 15,000 girls and boys were able to actively discuss terms such as race, discrimination, prejudice and stereotype.

The enthusiasm of the students and the feedback collected went far beyond the criticalities of the current historical period and thus led us to strengthen and expand our commitment, renewing and innovating our proposals in collaboration with our partners.

With these assumptions, and together with TEDxTorino, the path of “Un Calcio al Razzismo” resumes in this tenth year of its life with great news.

The first step of this process will be ten TED Circles, a videocall format in which a maximum of ten people can participate at a time; the purpose is to share thoughts to create new ones through moments of listening and comparison in TED style.

Ten keywords, ten meetings in which ten young participants will take part at a time and, who for an hour and a half, will allow themselves to be involved with moderators of the TEDxTorino team, where they will participate in a debate on a continuously current topic. The new formula stimulates active confrontation around those key concepts that seemingly relates to discrimination today.

Participation in the Circles will be open to all boys and girls who wish to take part in it, where they will be able to share their opinion and to listen to the thoughts of others.

This new path, full of events over the next few months, will be functional to the creation of the TEDxTorinoSalon dedicated to the fight against discrimination. The event, which will be held in the spring / summer of 2021 at the Allianz Stadium, will be constructed together with all the people who want to make their contribution in these months.

The collaboration between Juventus and TEDxTorino confirms the club's strong desire to look ahead, using football and its values to inspire actions and behaviours of future generations even outside the playing field.

The TED Circles of ‘“Un Calcio al Razzismo” are therefore open to those who want to actively contribute to this cultural revolution, bringing their own experience and thoughts in an open and constructive way.

“Un Calcio al Razzismo” project was born in the 2009/2010 season as a call for applications to all those in the Piedmont and national territory interested in developing and activating an employment project that included concrete actions against racism and aimed at promoting inclusion and social integration.

The contributions and feedback collected during the years of activity have revealed the need to directly address the generation that will head into the future with a leading role: the young. "Un Calcio al Razzismo" is, today, an educational program that speaks to the new generations to train them and put them at the helm of change.

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