Massimiliano Canzi

Women | Massimiliano Canzi's inaugural press conference

Women | Massimiliano Canzi's inaugural press conference
Women | Massimiliano Canzi's inaugural press conference
Women | Massimiliano Canzi's inaugural press conference

Even though we will see them on the pitch for their first day of training on 18 July, the Bianconere's season officially began today on 9 July with the press conference to present the new Juventus Women manager, Massimiliano Canzi. Before the new manager took the stage, Stefano Braghin (Head of Juventus Women) spoke first and touched on various topics ahead of the new season.

Stefano Braghin


“Before starting this press conference, I wanted to take this opportunity to remember Fabio Melillo, who tragically passed away a few days ago. It is worth taking a moment to reflect, as the tragedy was truly enormous. We gather in the memory of a man who gave so much to the women's football movement.

Ahead of this new season, I would like to first thank Giuseppe Zappella for what he did throughout the past year, when we called on him. There was a second place to consolidate and we managed it very well. Zappella continues to be a man of the Club and has returned to his old "jack-of-all-trades" role since the beginning of July. I also want to thank Emanuele Chiappero, a legendary athletic trainer for the team, who ended his collaboration with us on 30 June. We wish him the best of luck for the future. Luca Vood also deserves an honourable mention as he won the Scudetto championship with our women's Under 15 team. Luca Scarcella had a great run with the women's Under 17 team, losing only in the final in extra time. We achieved excellent results this year, meaning we worked well. That is why I want to thank Carola Coppo, Head of Women Academy.

Coming to the First Team, we have decided to create a new project that will incorporate a wide range of dynamics, not just sporting ones. The idea is to build a new cycle, if we want to define it that way. We will start again from a group centred around of several veteran players who know the team very well, but also around up-and-comers who are eager to show themselves. Goals for the season? It will be a very difficult championship and Roma will certainly start as favourites, having dominated the previous two seasons. Inter will also be able to play an important role this year and could be Roma’s fiercest rival. We, for our part, will first of try to qualify for the next edition of the Women's Champions League. A very complicated Round 2 awaits us in the UWCL this year, unless Arsenal is eliminated in the prior elimination round.

Now, I am really happy to leave the floor to Massimiliano, because I have hardly managed, in my career, to find a profile as ideal as his. When a manager leaves a major men's project, where he was absolutely in his comfort zone, I think it's a message we hear loud and clear. We were looking for a manager with great experience in professional football, great teaching expertise, great pragmatism and practicality. Canzi is the profile we were looking for."

Canzi Massimiliano



“First of all, I want to thank the Club for the great opportunity it has given me and for Stefano (Braghin)´s beautiful words about me. I have more responsibility, but I'm happy about it. I have come in walking softly, which is what a glorious club like Juventus demands. I can't wait to start work on the pitch. On the way here to the press conference, I was counting the days until the official start of the season. I think that arriving at Juventus milestone in a manager's career, but at the same time, I will take this experience as a starting point."


«Twenty-four years ago I had an experience in the topflight of women's football. Consequently, I have always followed the movement and its steady growth, especially in recent years. When this opportunity arose, I didn't think twice about accepting. The chemistry created during the interview process was a decisive factor, in this sense. Many have asked me why I made this choice and I answered them all with another question: "Why not?”.


“I have always thought that a manager must adapt his idea of the game according to the players he has available and not vice versa. Having said that, the time I spend on the pitch with them will give me the definitive answer in this sense, and we will find the tactical plan to fit this team perfectly. Over the course of my career I have used different game plans. As for now, I have an idea that doesn't necessarily have to be immediately defined with numbers. We will certainly see a very aggressive and proactive team. The training sessions will undoubtedly be more intense to allow us to better develop our game concepts."


“In this club, there are players with many years of experience here and they will undoubtedly be an important added value for the group, both on a technical and mental level. We have a versatile squad built up which will allow me to use more players. I will have the opportunity to choose the best possible performers for each match. Beccari Chiara is a player who impressed me when I saw her live on the last day of last season, wearing the Sassuolo jersey. Given her attributes, she can also play in the centre, but she is extremely flexible. As of now, she has shown excellent abilities as a winger, but we will see over the course of the season where she will be able to make the biggest impact."


“Like every year, the calendar draw is a great moment, as you can begin to visualise the work you have in front of you. You have to cross paths with every team, so little will change. It is curious, however, that we will start where we finished, with an away match at Sassuolo.”

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