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Your top Juventus goals!

Your top Juventus goals!
Your top Juventus goals!
Your top Juventus goals!

Another look back in time.

In 2017, when Juve celebrated its 120th anniversary, we selected as many goals which, in our opinion, were the most beautiful of all.

You, through Twitter, chose your top three, which we re-visit today, on the occasion of the Club's 126th birthday.

3 - RAVANELLI, 1996

An extraordinary goal scored from an impossible angle. A goal scored in none other than the Champions League Final. THAT, final...

2 - MARCHISIO, 2009

What dribbling, in such a tight space. What a goal. What an explosion of joy at the Comunale. Ladies and gentlemen, Claudio Marchisio in 2009's Juventus-Inter Milan.

1 - DEL PIERO, 1994

No words are necessary. THE goal. The one that introduced a star to the world, a star named Alessandro Del Piero.

And, according to you, the most beautiful Juventus goal of all.

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