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      J-Museum open over the festive season

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      There's plenty of time to visit the jewel in Juventus Stadium's crown over the Christmas holidays. Here's all the information you need

      Bianconeri supporters and football lovers will be able to visit Juventus Museum over the festive season after the club officially confirmed that the attraction is to remain open on every day bar 25 December.

      Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will see visitors welcome for half a day, while extra tours and opening hours are scheduled for the remaining days, enabling fans to take advantage of the holiday period by embarking on an interactive journey through the Bianconeri’s glorious history.

      It is a journey that has been enriched by the recent additions of a J-Sport exhibition, opened in October, and an entire area dedicated to the current first-team squad, inaugurated just six days ago.

      Come and discover the magic at first hand!

      Click here for everything you need to know about Juventus Museum. 

      Opening hours

      Wednesday 23 December:           10.30-19.30
      Thursday 24 December:                10.30-14.30
      Friday 25 December:                      CLOSED
      Saturday 26 December:                14.00-19.30
      Sunday 27 December:                  10.30-19.30
      Monday 28 December:                  10.30-19.30
      Tuesday 29 December:                 10.30-19.30
      Wednesday 30 December:           10.30-19.30
      Thursday 31 December:                10.30-14.30
      Friday 1 January:                            14.00-19.30
      Saturday 2 January:                       10.30-19.30
      Sunday 3 January:                         10.30-19.30
      Monday 4 January:                        10.30-19.30
      Tuesday 5 January:                       10.30-19.30

      Stadium Tours with  opening hours  10.30-19.30

      11.00; 11.30; 12.00; 12.30; 14.30; 15.00; 15.30; 16.00; 16.30; 17.00; 17.30

      Stadium Tours with opening hours 10.30-14.30

      11.00; 11.30; 12.00; 12.30; 13.00; 13.15

      Stadium Tours with opening hours 14.00-19.30

      14.30; 15.00; 15.30; 16.00; 16.30; 17.00; 17.30

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