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      Dates for 2016/17

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      The Bianconeri are to launch their title defence on the weekend of 21 August 2016, when the 2016/17 Serie A campaign will officially get underway

      Juventus will officially launch their Scudetto title defence on the weekend of 21 August 2016, following today’s confirmation by Lega Serie A.

      The campaign, which is to be punctuated by four international breaks, will draw to a close on the weekend of 28 May 2017. The Italian Super Cup, meanwhile, is to be contested in a one-off fixture on a date to be defined in either autumn or winter.

      Here is the full list of dates released by Lega Serie A today: 

      Start: Sunday 21/08/2016

      Midweek games
      Wednesday 21/09/2016
      Wednesday 26/10/2016
      Thursday 22/12/2016 

      04/09/2016 International break
      09/10/2016 International break
      13/11/2016 International break
      25/12/2016 Winter break
      01/01/2017 Winter break
      26/03/2017 International break

      End: Sunday 28/05/2017

      Coppa Italia
      First round: 31/07/2016
      Second round: 07/08/2016
      Third round: 13/08/2016
      Fourth round: 30/11/2016
      Last 16: 11/01/2017 and 18/01/2017
      Quarter-finals: 25/01/2017 and 01/02/2017
      Semi-final (first-leg): 01/03/2017
      Semi-final (second-leg): 05/04/2017
      Final: 02/06/2017 (reserve date 17/05/2017)

      Italian Super Cup
      To be played on a date between 10/09/2016 and 31/01/2017

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