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      Enrique: “Front foot from the off”

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      Barcelona manager Luis Enrique and midfielder Andres Iniesta preview Wednesday’s Champions League quarter-final second leg against Juventus

      Emphasis on attack

      “We know that Juventus are capable of scoring an away goal, so we’ll need five. If they score twice, we’ll have to get six.

      “We need to play with the utmost efficiency, create plenty of goalscoring opportunities and make Juventus lose confidence. Our mentality must be spot on both with and without the ball.”

      Camp Nou crucial 

      “We’ll be looking to bring the fans to their feet tomorrow night. I’m certain that if we score a goal, the stadium will help us produce a second and the third will come as a result.”

      Nothing to lose

      “It’s logical that I’d have wanted more time to prepare this match, but the team knows what they have to do. They have to play a great game of football against a great opponent. We’ve nothing to lose, which simplifies things and takes away some of the pressure. Quite simply, we have to attack, attack and attack again.”


      Déjà vu

      “We’re in a similar situation again to the previous round against PSG, such as the need to score goals and barely give away any opportunities to our opponents.

      “We need to set out to do just that from the very first minute, though we must keep our heads if the goals don’t come as early as we’d like. We’ll need to stay patient but tenacious at the same time." 

      Juve a tough nut to crack

      “Juventus have conceded only two or three goals in the Champions League this season. That’s a fact and a highly relevant one at that.

      “However, for us the situation doesn’t change. We need to score more than that if we’re to go through and I continue to see enough firepower in this side to overturn the deficit even if it’ll be really difficult.

      “The result in Turin was quite simply terrible and we’ll need to play the perfect match and certainly the best of the season so far in order to reach the semi-finals.”

      Praise for Dani A 

      “Dani Alves is undoubtedly one of the best ever foreign signings made by this club. He contributed a great deal to our success.

      “Last year, however, he set off on a new path and things are going very well for him in Italy.”

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