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      #LE6END: the social story

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      We look back at the rapid rise of Juventus' social networks over the last six seasons, reliving all of the Scudetto celebrations in the process

      Juventus' winning habit may not have changed since 2011/12, but the way in which the club's glorious winning cycle has been reported on social media undoubtedly has.

      Let's step back into the past and relive the major developments to have taken place on the Bianconeri's social networks over the last six years.

      2011/2012: The start of a cycle

      2011/12: This is where the LE6END all began.

      After beating Cagliari in Trieste on that unforgettable night on 6 May, here is how we celebrated the title on Youtube in the aftermath of the match.

      The following weekend, festivities transferred to Juventus Stadium with the Bianconeri lifting the trophy aloft in front of thousands of supporters at Juventus Stadium for the final home game of the season.

      Scudetto no. 30 was paraded before fans that had flocked around the streets of Turin to join in on the party, and the joyous scenes were brought to you all on Facebook:

      Juventus’ 2011/12 season was certainly something of a breakthrough year, and a very special one at that, as documented here in this celebratory Youtube video:

      2012/2013: Scudetto no. 31

      On 5 May 2013, Juventus made it back-to-back Scudetto titles by beating Palermo 1-0 at the Stadium.

      This had been a momentous campaign both on the pitch and off it with the creation of Juve’s official Instagram account in July 2012. By the end of the season, there were already almost 100,000 followers – a number that has since risen rapidly to over 6.8 million.

      On the day of winning our 31st Scudetto, we invited supporters to share their own reactions with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #JuveCampione (see above).

      Across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, we brought you the best of the celebrations from the changing room, the Stadium and the city trophy parade.

      These city street celebrations would be different to before, however, with fans able to join in on the fun with a live stream on Youtube:

      Then there was the small matter of lifting the trophy the following weekend at home to Cagliari!

      2013/2014: #JUVEX3

      Juve’s 32nd Scudetto and third in a row arrived with a record points tally (102). Equally, plenty was going on in the black and white striped world of social media. 

      With the club’s fan base going ever more global, a new international Facebook account was created in English, while separate Twitter pages were introduced in English, Spanish and Indonesian.

      By the end of the season, there would be almost 18 million followers overall on Facebook, while Instagram was closing in on the 400,000 mark and the international Twitter page reached 100,000 on 1 May.

      Moreover, Juventus’ visual identity was evolving. The face of the club on social media was more stylish and the content more entertaining and engaging for fans than ever before.

      Here’s how we celebrated reaching 10 million likes on Facebook for example:

      On 4 May, Roma’s loss to Catania ensured that the Bianconeri were mathematically champions of Italy for a third straight year, hence the hashtag #JuveX3.

      Once more, wild Bianconeri celebrations were doing the rounds on social media.

      All in for the group celebration #selfie! #JuveX3 #InstaJuve

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      The next day, Juve were back in action with Atalanta the visitors at the Stadium and, once more, an epic title-winning party was documented in depth.

      Carlitos and the Scudetto... love at first sight!

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      The trophy parade around Turin, meanwhile, was streamed live for fans on Juventus.com and you wouldn't have missed a single thing on Twitter either:

      #JuveX3 was also a means to interact even more with our fans. The best user-generated content sent to us via this hashtag was compiled and shared on our social networks:

      2014/2015: #4JU33

      July 2014 marked the dawn of an Indonesian Facebook page, while in February 2015 there would also be one in Japanese. The latter community also benefitted from a Twitter profile opened the previous summer – the latest sign of the ‘globalisation’ of Juve’s fan base being ever increasingly reflected on social media.

      2014/15 was something of a breakthrough season for Instagram, which registered 1.6 million followers by 30 June 2015. Just over two months prior, we launched the #1OfUs hashtag to celebrate reaching the one million mark.

      One million followers on Instagram! Thanks for your support! You are #1OfUs. #instajuve #forzajuve #finoallafine

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      Meanwhile, the club’s English language Twitter profile was going from strength, registering 200,000 followers in January 2015 and 300,000 only six months later.

      A 1-0 win away to Sampdoria on 2 May sealed Juventus’ fourth straight Scudetto and a 33rd in the club’s history.

      #4JU33 would be the celebratory hashtag this time around, as we narrated the festivities in full across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

      The final whistle in Liguria sparked mass celebrations! #InstaJuve #FinoAllaFineForzaJuventus #JuveToday #Juventus #Juve #4Ju33

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      The following week, it was time to parade the trophy around the Stadium:

      CHAMPIONS! #InstaJuve #FinoAllaFineForzaJuventus #JuveToday #Juventus #Juve #4Ju33 #camp10ni

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      2015/2016: #HI5TORY

      The 2015/16 season saw a new network added to the Bianconeri’s social media family with the arrival of Snapchat, meaning that training sessions from Vinovo and matches at the Stadium in particular would become ever more accessible to the younger members of Juve’s fan base.

      Meanwhile, the social accounts already in existence were only getting bigger: in November 2015, the club’s Facebook profile reached 20 million fans – a number comparable to a country’s population. Hence, Juventus Nation was born thanks to the help of summer signing Sami Khedira!

      In January 2016 there were 3 million followers on Instagram – so many that you’d need 74 Juventus Stadiums in order to accommodate them all!

      By the end of the season, the English Twitter page had grown by 50% from the previous summer, Facebook had 23 million fans overall and Instagram was already celebrating 4 million.

      Created just in time for the clinching of an historic fifth straight title, there were now brand new Twitter and Facebook profiles in Arabic.

      25 April 2016 was the day the Bianconeri mathematically wrapped up a fifth straight Serie A title, matching the achievement of the club’s famous Quinquennio side in the 1930s.

      We made #Hi5tory! Here’s how we celebrated Scudetto no. 34:

      Without doubt, the most entertaining part was that of documenting live what happened on that unforgettable afternoon in Vinovo:

      In order to find the words to describe what it felt like to be a history-maker, we consulted Paul Pogba and Patrice Evra!

      And there was a special message too for those who wrote off Juve’s chances of winning the title at the start of the season after the Bianconeri collected just 12 points from their first 10 league games, only to win 26 of the remaining 28 fixtures.

      We even showed you this front page of a newspaper to read over breakfast!

      On the day of the final Serie A match of the season, against Sampdoria on 14 May 2016, it was the moment to lift the trophy for a fifth straight year at Juventus Stadium.

      Campeones. @paulodybala @cuadrado. #InstaJuve #FinoAllaFine #ForzaJuve #HI5TORY #LaJoya

      Un post condiviso da Juventus Football Club (@juventus) in data:

      Minute-by-minute, the festivities were documented via a Live Story on Snapchat, as well as a Facebook Live:

      While you’d have missed a trick not to check our Youtube account where everything was filmed in 360°.

      The historic fifth straight Scudetto trophy made its way to the J|Museum trophy cabinet, with Maria Sole Agnelli greeting the eight players to have won all five titles.

      2016/2017: #LE6END

      The season of the sixth straight Scudetto – the season of the legend – saw Juventus also reach new heights on social media.

      By the end of October 2016, we officially became the most popular Italian football club on Facebook with 25 million followers (that figure has since risen to 26 million).

      In November 2016, the Bianconeri opened an account on Dugout, the new digital platform showcasing entertaining and behind-the-scenes content from top clubs across the globe.

      December was the turn of Twitter to celebrate an extra special milestone: 500,000 followers of the international page, @juventusfcen:

      Meanwhile, Juventus’ Instagram profile continues to go from strength to strength in terms of graphic quality, live content (thanks to the launch of Instagram Stories) and, of course, number of followers.

      After reaching 5 million followers at the start of the season, we hit the 6 million mark in March 2017.

      Now, for a sixth season in a row, it’s time to party again! As the Bianconeri’s latest Scudetto celebrations enter full swing, make sure you don’t miss a single moment of it all on our official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Dugout profiles!

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