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      Lichtsteiner: “Right where we want to be”

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      With a six-point Serie A advantage and a Coppa Italia final place to secure on Wednesday, Stephan Lichtsteiner has his eyes on his greatest Juve season yet…

      From then…

      “Five and a half years on, we can safely say that my opening goal at the Stadium was a turning point for the club. Juve began that season on the back of a tough few years so winning the first game there was so important. 

      "Knowing what we have gone on to achieve, that game was the start of an amazing journey for the squad.”


      …To now

      “We are right where we want to be at this stage of the season. We are in the hunt for the Scudetto, we have a great chance to reach the Coppa Italia final in two days’ time and then we take on Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.


      Marathon, not a sprint

      “While it is true that we’ve let slip a few points on the road this term, I think we need to keep in mind who those defeats and draws were against. From Milan to Fiorentina, even Napoli last night, all teams who are very difficult to beat.

      "We left Naples with a very important point; I think we can all agree that the game didn’t turn out exactly how we wanted it but credit for that must go to Napoli, who played very well and caused us plenty of problems.

      "We’re taking the draw as a positive sign that we can battle for results even if we are a bit off colour, which can happen.


      Napoli vs. Juventus: Round 2


      “We’re coming up against tough opposition with a strong lead to defend. I think we need to score at least once to really be sure of progressing; Napoli ran themselves into the ground yesterday so we may be in for a different kind of encounter on Wednesday.


      European ambition


      “I had a feeling it we would draw Barcelona: I was playing cards with my dad when I saw the PSG result 6-1 and told him we would meet them in the next round. It wasn’t a surprise for me at all!

      “We should be preparing for every opponent as if they were Barcelona with the same intensity and desire: that’s what wins you trophies, keeping your feet grounded and not backing down or dropping off against anyone.

      “We’ve won it all in Italy in recent years and, just like the supporters, we want to triumph in the Champions League. Winning that trophy is a dream for any player. We can’t wait for the big night but at the same time we need to be ready for Napoli and Chievo and Pescara in between.” 

      Dream goal?

      “Mine is a simple game: it doesn’t matter how you score. A goal in the UCL final wouldn’t hurt…”

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