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      Allegri looks towards Crotone

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      "We have to play a tough match, with great respect for a Crotone who defends very well and counters well"

      It's back to work in Serie A for Juventus on Sunday night as the Bianconeri host Crotone at the Allianz Stadium looking to get back to winning ways in the league. Here's some of the highlights of what Massimiliano Allegri told reporters at today's pre-match press conference:


      "It's a challenge that we need to win. We have to make a tough match, with great respect for a Crotone who defends very well and counters well. We can't lose focus in the match which is something that happens to us sometimes against smaller teams which causes us to concede goals."


      "Blaise played very early in the season, between Juve and France. in the last games, he hasn't played as much because he needed to recover. Let's remember that we have to get in the best condition in March and the management of the players is very important, even to avoid injuries."


      "Not all seasons are the same, and in each season, there are times when players can have good times and bad, but Alex Sandro will return to be important for us. He has not lost his qualities in a month, he only has to regain his physical and mental condition, and already played better in Wednesday's match.


      "Mario Mandzukic is playing tomorrow, as long as he feels good." 

      "Surely, we won't see Chiellini, Cuadrado or Bernardeschi and Khedira will rest."

      "Howedes has trained well and if he confirms it today, he could be a solution tomorrow. He has good ball management, good feet and can play in the center or in the outside of a four-man defense." 

      "Tomorrow Buffon will start." 


      "It's a matter of attitude. The team played a good match on Wednesday and I'm proud of what we did. Let's not forget that Juventus in the last four games against Barcelona for three games and a half have not allowed a goal and that means the team has its own structure.

      We have to continue to improve and arrive in March in the best conditions to finish things strong. This is logical and a goal that we have in all seasons not only in this one. This year Napoli is doing extraordinary things beecause they played 13 games and won 11 and drawn two. Juventus has left maybe three points on the table, but we have 31 points right now which are well-deserved, but the season is all still to be played.

      In Champions League, Juventus has kept the course we are supposed to do. We lost to Barcelona, we won the two in our house and in Lisbon against a very good team we earned a well-played draw and we drew against Barcelona at home. With Barcelona it's always a championship-level, it's all going to happen.

      We are one step away from advancing in the group and that is the first goal of the season. And it is a very important goal for Juventus and so we will be waiting for Athens to see if we can pass."

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