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      Primavera: Big win in Naples

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      The Bianconeri win 4-1 away to Naples behind goals from Oliveri, Morrone, Portanova and Anzolin.

      It wasn't just a beautiful Sunday for the first team as Dal Canto's Primavera side traveled to Napoli's Sant'Antimo and came away with a 4-1 victory. 

      The Bianconeri were in front after Oliveri took advantage of an error aout of the back to give Juventus a 1-0 lead. Napoli pulled level on 31 minutes as Gaetano equalized from the spot to make it 1-1 after 45 minutes. 

      In the second half, Juve would take the lead in the 58th minute through a goal from Morrone and never look back. Portanova added a 3rd in the 73rd minute while Anzolin sealed an emphatic win in the 88th. Congratulations to our young Bianconeri on the win! 

      Campionato Nazionale Primavera 1 – WEEK 6

      Centro Sportivo di Sant’Antimo (Na).


      GOALS: 20’ pt. Olivieri (J), 31’ pt. rig. Gaetano (N), 13’ st. Morrone (J), 27’ st. Portanova (J), 44’ st. Anzolin (J).

      Napoli: Schaeper, Schiavi, Scarf, Micillo (30’ st. Sgarbi), Esposito, Senese, Mezzoni, Otranto, Russo (37’ st. Marie Sainte), Gaetano (16’ st. Palmieri), Zerbin.

      BENCH: D’Andrea, Maisto, Calvano, Coglitore, Energe, Marino, Pelliccia, Conte, Bartiromo.

      MANAGER: Loris Beoni. 

      Juventus: Loria, Delli Carri (34’ st. Vogliacco), Tripaldelli, Zanandrea (Cap.), Morrone (41’ st. Anzolin), Capellini, Portanova (41’ st. Montaperto), Di Pardo, Olivieri, Nicolussi, Bandeira.

      BENCH: Busti, Meneghini, Merio, Sane, Caligara, Campos, Kulenovic.

      MANAGER: Alessandro Dal Canto.

      BOOKINGS: 19’ st. Delli Carri (J), 19’ st. Senese (N), 25’ st. Scarf (N).

      EJECTIONS: 32’ st. Scarf (N).


      Juventus – Lazio

      Campionato Nazionale Primavera 1 – WEEK 7

      FRIDAY 27 October 14:30

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