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      Rugani: “Hunger still the watchword for Juve”

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      Daniele Rugani looks ahead to Sunday's Super Cup final: “We're determined to hit the ground running and bring the trophy home”

      Just a few more days to go then the serious business begins. Juve's first competitive fixture of the season also offers the first chance to claim some silverware and Daniele Rugani says the Bianconeri are determined not to pass up the opportunity.

      Ahead of Sunday's Italian Super Cup encounter with Lazio, the Italy defender took stock of Juve's pre-season preparations and cast his gaze forward over the next nine months.


      “After the heavy loads we were working with at the start of pre-season, we've reverted to a normal sort of training regime now so that we can prepare for the Super Cup properly. The lads are in good shape. Our US tour was a great experience: we got lots of good work done and now we have to start making it pay dividends.”


      “Going to the Euros was a fantastic experience for me as it helped me grow both as a player and person. I'm grateful to the FA and the coach for giving me the chance to be a part of that squad. 

      “As for Federico [Bernardeschi], I've known him for years and I'm delighted he's joined us. He's a top player and I'm sure he'll be a huge success at Juve.”


      “All the new guys who have come in are great players. We knew about them before they joined and we all know what they're capable of. They're settling in well. Obviously it takes a little while to get into the swing of things but they're getting there and I'm sure they'll help us a lot. The club have done an excellent job. 

      “[Leonardo] Bonucci was a very important player for us, there's no denying that. He made a personal choice but I think we have lots of great players here who can have a big part to play.”


      “It's going to be a tough season for us but once again we'll be looking to go all the way. It could prove to be even more difficult than in previous years because our rivals have strengthened and because we'll be the centre of attention again – but that's normal when you're Juventus. 

      “The mental side will be key and we've always been very strong in that area. Hunger will be our watchword again.”


      “I know it's going to be a big year for me personally. It's my third season at Juve and I work hard day in day out to earn the right to be here and have this responsibility. I'll do the best I can and aim to keep getting better and better.”


      “It's very important we hit the ground running – it would send out a message that we're still just as hungry for success. We've got plenty of incentive. It's a trophy we really want to win and bring home to Turin.”

      ...AND HOW TO WIN IT

      “I expect it to be a very difficult game. Unlike last year, this time it's come at the start of the season so there's more of an unknown factor after all the pre-season graft.

      “It's winner takes all and I think determination and mental strength will count for more than technical or tactical aspects. Anything can happen in games like this but we're doing everything we can to make sure we're ready for it – including working on the things we got wrong in our recent outings. 

      “It's the start of the season and we have to factor in the intensive training we've been doing but we want to win this trophy to make up for the one we lost last year.”

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