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      #AskRita: The manager answers your questions!

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      Check out the highlights as Juventus Women manager Rita Guarino took your questions on Twitter!

      After leading the Juventus Women to a historic first Scudetto, it's just about time for a well-deserved summer vacation for manager Rita Guarino and her staff....but first she took your questions on Twitter Friday afternoon using the hashtag #AskRita!

      Here's a selection of what Guarino had to say(follow @JuventusFCWomen to see all the answers!) :

      fino alla fine...

      One of the most-asked questions in the Q&A dealt with last week's play-off victory over Brescia to seal the first Women's Scudetto: 

      "I was trying to share the emotion with my team. The last penalty is the only one I have not watched. I had to ask my assistant what had happened."


      Looking back at a season of success...

      "There were many moments. It would be obvious to say the playoff, but the 2 weeks in the first round against Brescia and Fiorentina were the most exciting for both game and results."

      And also the tough moments that any season brings...ones that this team handled with veteran skill...

      "There have been so many struggles. In the first round, it was very difficult to win against Tavagnacco and Bari. Brescia and Fiorentina certainly among the most difficult, but every game had its own story."


      The key elements that led to the final victory in the first season? The squad and the fans:

      "They were extraordinary because they immediately created a great feeling with the team from the very first matches. There was certainly a driving force of enthusiasm."


      Another theme to the questions was next year's entry into the Champions League, a first for Juventus Women:

      "The international level is very high and we will start from the beginning, so we will meet the best in Europe. The goal will be to represent ourselves well." 

      Rita's idols and her feeling when Juventus called?

      "I always tried to be myself. My idol in the men's field is Baggio. In the women's, I was lucky to play with very strong players, from whom I always tried to learn."

      "I had to catch my breath for 30 seconds because I was very proud of a call like this."

      THREE WORDS...

      Finally, if she could sum up this whole season in just three words...

      "Enthusiasm, suffering, deserved." 

      Grazie, Rita! Have a great summer! 

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