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      Shareholders' meeting press conference

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      Agnelli, Nedved, Paratici, Re and Ricci speak after today's shareholders' meeting

      Following today's Juventus shareholders' meeting, Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Fabio Paratici, Marco Re and Giorgio Ricci sat down to speak to the media.

      The President was the first to speak.

      “In the last two years we have witnessed a most unpleasant series of events which have come about partly due to some irregularities in our ticket sales procedure but partly also because of an investigation by the Anti-mafia commission where reference is made to phone conversations which it has been proved never took place. We have seen a situation which goes very close to, if not beyond, a conflict of interests involving the Di Lello brothers – both lawyers of the same law firm named after themselves – with one of the brothers signing the report on FIGC prosecutors' investigations into Juventus and the other, at the time a member of parliament, reporting to the Mafia and Sport committee of the Anti-mafia Commission.

      “Now there is an attempt to create a new situation with allegations that our head of security helped people to bring vile banners into the stadium. This is untrue, as demonstrated by the ruling issued by the FIGC Court of Appeal. With that allegation disproved, it is now being made out that a phone conversation which was included in the records of that ruling has just come to light. You only have to find the papers and read them.

      “Here, for example, I have the text of a statement given voluntarily in March 2014 by the owner of that banner in which he first confesses that he was indeed the owner of it before explaining how he brought the banner into the stadium.

      “I quote: 'To get the banner in question inside the stadium, I folded it up and hid it on my back underneath the sweater I was wearing. During the match, about 10 minutes into the second half, I decided to get out the banner I had made. I pulled it out from my back and displayed it on the balcony for around ten minutes, then I took it down and threw it on the floor.'

      “Attached are photos that show the banner being made.

      “That was the banner in the second tier. The one in the first tier was harmless and has nothing to do with [Alessandro] D'Angelo because the recorded phone conversations mention Drughi, who, as everyone knows, are in the second tier.

      “As I've said, this is a very painful matter for a club like us who collaborate with the authorities on a daily basis and try to ensure a calm, safe atmosphere is maintained inside the stadium. Remember that there are three parties involved, as I've explained several times to the institutions: club, Ultras and the authorities.

      “These events have caused a great deal of distress and even more so given the death of [Raffaello] Bucci, which the authorities are investigating. I will respectfully refrain from commenting on the work of the investigators.

      “Juventus respects the rulings, but at our stadium, which is our home, we can display what we like.”

      The President went on to thank Giuseppe Marotta and Aldo Mazzia for their work in recent years.

      “Both were key to the results we have achieved since 2010. The task of a leader is to train people capable of taking on new responsibilities and it is thanks to their work that we are able to re-appoint the key positions at the club. The organisational model remains the same: Sports Area, Revenue Area and Services Area, headed up by Fabio Paratici, Giorgio Ricci and Marco Re, respectively.”

      After the president's introduction, the floor was opened to questions from the media.


      Relations between the club and Ultras

      “We have to have relations. Both the UEFA and the FIGC licensing systems require that all clubs have relations with all the fans, even the most passionate supporters, via a Supporter Liaison Officer.”


      Phone call with Cairo

      “I tried to call him this morning and he didn't answer, then he tried to call me back but it was during the shareholders' meeting. I'm sure we'll speak at some point today and I think he'll be happy to have a clear description of the events. He knows we apologised immediately when those banners were displayed and I'm relaxed as far as that is concerned because the people responsible are not here.”


      Marotta's departure

      “Nothing can take away the affection, gratitude and teachings Marotta has left us with. We are a club in an unusual industry and we can't prepare a succession plan six months in advance.”


      Investigation involving Cristiano Ronaldo

      “I like to look people in the eyes. I did it with [Antonio] Conte, in 2012, with D'Angelo and with Cristiano, and I'm very calm having spoken to him as soon as the story came out. His actions since then have only reinforced my initial feeling. It's a personal matter and it's up to him to make his own choices but I've reiterated that our door is always open and we're here to help him, as we have always done and always will do with the men and women who work for Juventus when we are convinced they have acted properly.”

      No plans for a new stadium

      “There are no plans for a new stadium and even if ours turns out to be too small it can't be expanded. In Manchester they can add sections depending on requirements but we can't do that with ours. But when people talk to me about other European stadiums, they don't mention the population of other cities. Turin hasn't changed and I find it hard to imagine an 80,000-seater arena selling out for a midweek match against a small team.”


      No European Super League

      “That would mean withdrawing from UEFA and that’s not something we’re planning to do. Right now, there’s great harmony on the vision for post 2024. It has been an extremely complex year and there have been flash points because each of us is looking after our own interests, and rebalancing the system under which teams qualify for competitions has direct implications for clubs. I’d like to round off 2018 by celebrating what’s been achieved and then think past 2024 with all of football’s stakeholders, so that we can build an idea of what consumers will want in 15 years’ time.”


      Cross-border leagues

      “They could be a solution for poorer markets, where people spend more on foreign leagues than domestic ones. A cross-border league could resolve that issue. Previously the idea would be dismissed out of hand but now people can talk about it. It’s positive to have people we can talk to, who are willing to consider new ideas to improve football.”


      Alessandro D'Angelo’s position

      “D’Angelo is doing his job impeccably. He’s head of security and we’re proud to have him on board.”


      Immense Marotta

      “I reiterate my thanks to Marotta for all he has done for Juventus and for us new directors. He has been immense.”


      Marotta’s farewell

      “I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Marotta once again. He’s been hugely important to me, both professionally and as a person. The fact I’m now a director is thanks to him – he taught me everything. I’ll be the first to thank him and will do my best to make sure he is missed as little as possible.”


      The match in Manchester

      “We’ve been producing top-level displays in Europe for a few years. We’ve got to two finals and were eliminated in the last minute against Bayern Munich in the round of 16 and against Real Madrid in the quarter-finals. This year we’re perhaps seen as favourites and that’s deserved. We knew we’d be able to put in a good performance in Manchester, beyond the result itself which is determined by so many factors, because now we know what we’re capable of.”


      The Ronaldo impact

      “He is the best player in the world and, given what he has won, perhaps the greatest of all time. His arrival has inspired everyone to improve technically and as professionals.”

      MARCO RE

      Net financial position

      “We’re managing our debt with large lines of credit and monitoring the situation, but our net financial position has never been a concern.”


      Ronaldo helping the whole club grow

      “Ronaldo’s arrival is making it easier for the club to position itself among the footballing elite. He’s a champion who can attract an audience reaching beyond those passionate about football, and he’s helping us position ourselves at a higher level in the sphere of worldwide entertainment.”

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