28.09.2018 13:30 - in: Serie A S

      Allegri: "Against Napoli we have to be even better"

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      Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri outlined what it will take for the Bianconeri to beat Napoli tomorrow night at the Allianz


      "Tomorrow will see the two teams facing each other that have fought for the title in the last few years. It will be a great challenge that will matter more for Napoli based on the current standings.

      "We just have to think about playing in a big match, because the result alone won't decide the season. So far, we have been very good but against Napoli we have to be even better. From a mental aspect we will have to be calm as we know that it will be a physical match.

      "We will have to play well against a team that has not changed the level of its players, but has signed an important and successful coach, and you can already see how the team are playing in his style. We have to redeem the defeat from last year, and it's a good moment for us right now. It will be a great evening and we will need the full backing of our fans to help us get over the line.

      "In games like tomorrow the fine details are what counts, staying focused in the defensive phase and also making the most of the chances that occur, that will make all the difference. So far this season we've taken a lot of shots but with fewer goal returns, maybe tomorrow we'll score more.

      "Winning is never easy and in fact Real Madrid and Barcelona recently proved that as they both lost in the last round in La Liga. Serie A is the hardest European league to play in as there are so much tactics that it's very difficult to score and to win. Now we have to start over and write a new chapter, but to do it we need focus and motivation, this is what makes the difference."


      "Ancelotti has won everything, more than me. This morning I looked at our achievements and after a while I had to stop, he has won so much that he even took a break! He transmits serenity and knows how to make things simple.

      "He and I are similar managers, although we each have our own characteristics, we are from the same school and in fact he is a professor. 

      "They have changed their management of games, in the last few matches they have only conceded one goal and haven't suffered many shots. Carlo has had the intelligence not to tear up what Sarri has done in recent years, but he has brought his own philosophies and evolved their style. Napoli play differently in defence than last year but their attacking is still the same, as they have a great understanding.

      "Napoli deserve compliments for the last few years but also Juventus, because to keep winning is extraordinary."


      "Kean will return to the squad, whilst Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro, Pjanic, Matuidi and Ronaldo will all start tomorrow, and if you want another name I'll give it to you, Szczesny!

      "The team is growing and is finding balance; the choices are always painful because every time I have to leave important players on the bench. Today, I will decide the team based on training and the condition of the players, even taking into account Tuesday's Champions League match against Young Boys.

      "I'm happy to have Cristiano available in Manchester, it was the right decision. Against Bologna he played for the team but we still have to work on the team chemistry, considering the international breaks this group has only been together for 30 days but we have time to improve it.

      "It's possible that we'll play with two or even four in midfield, it depends on the characteristics of the individuals and also who will play in attack."

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