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      Mourinho and Pogba press conference

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      The Man United boss and the French midfielder look ahead to Wednesday's clash with Juve at Allianz Stadium

      Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and midfielder Paul Pogba spoke to the gathered media on Tuesday afternoon to preview their Champions League meeting with Juventus. You can read some of the key quotes from their news conference below.


      Three fingers to Bianconeri fans

      “The first game was excellent as far as discipline was concerned. The behaviour was very good both before and after the match. Juve did their job but the behaviour of the fans at the end wasn't nice and I came to the conclusion that the only way to keep it that way was the three fingers I showed them.”

      Difficulty in the first game

      “We work hard every day to do our best but we're not starting matches very well. If we end them well though, that's fine. Of course if you give your opponents a 20-minute advantage, then the game becomes a mountain to climb. That's what happened in the first match against Juve and we mustn't make the same mistake tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll produce a great performance.”

      Important but not decisive

      “Tomorrow's match is very important but it's not decisive. We obviously want to win it but we have another two games to play afterwards when we can secure qualification.”

      Relationship with Pogba

      “The press say we have a terrible relationship, Paul described it as a coach-player relationship and I would describe it as a good coach-player relationship.”


      The first two years in Manchester

      “In the first year we won the Europa League, which was our main target, and in the second season we finished second. I'm happy with what we've achieved. We're on the right path and we can get better.”

      Happy at United

      “It was my choice to come back to Manchester and I don't have any regrets. I came back to help the team achieve their goals. I'm happy to play for United – this is a great club and I want to show people how good I am here.”

      Ronaldo joining Juve

      “I think it's a great thing for Juventus to have a player like him. It's always better to have someone like Cristiano in the team because he scores goals like he drinks water. Playing with top players like Ronaldo, [Leo] Messi and Neymar is a great pleasure.”

      Relationship with Mourinho

      “It's a coach-player relationship. I listen and do what he tells me to do with happiness because he's the boss.”

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