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      Cernoia and Aluko: "It's so exciting"

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      Valentina Cernoia and Eniola Aluko spoke ahead of Sunday’s big clash against Fiorentina at Allianz Stadium.

      The Bianconere ladies have been preparing for their ‘Premiere’ at the iconic stadium, kick-off at 15:00 (CET), in what is expected to be a record attendance for a Serie A Femminile encounter.

      Speaking to Sky, Valentina Cernoia was the first to talk about the big-match. Here’s what she had to say. 

      “It’s a proud and emotional feeling. I only recently found out about how many tickets were acquired. We still hope that many people will come, because we dream of a full stadium."

      “There is certainly a lot of emotion, but what is most important is to put on a good show for the people that have come to watch and for those at the stadium who have come to watch the ladies. This is like a final, and one of the last games that await us in the season. Us and Fiorentina are at the top of the Serie A table. We are expecting a lot of enthusiasm from the supporters."

      "Juventus’ strengths is certainly the unity of the group, and our attack, when we are on a hot streak, they give everyone fear. Regarding Fiorentina, they have a lot of individual strengths to control, but also them up front can give opposition a fright. However, we have the Italian national team defence."

      “We don’t fear anyone, and there isn’t anyone in particular we have to remove from the game. There is a lot of individual players that we need to be aware of and control, but if Juve play like Juve, we will play for a record.

      “The mood is that it is a top-of-the-table clash to play for championship, so there are no friendships for that hour and a half on the pitch. At the end of the game there will be kisses and hugs, but we will play for the three points to bring the title back home."

      With 11 league goals this season, Eniola Aluko is no stranger to playing in big stadiums and on big occasions, having featured in a number of massive games during her time.

      Here’s what she had to say:

      "It’s the first time and it’s so exciting, not just for Juventus, not just for Fiorentina, but for women’s football in Italy. I think it’s important to control the emotions because it’s game. We can play at Vinovo and it’s still a game. In my experience, it’s important to forget about the pitch, the stadium, the fans and your family, we have to play the game and make sure you remain as normal as possible, because sometimes your emotions can become too much. Yes, it’s emotional. Yes, it’s exciting, but we have to make sure we are focused on the game."

      "The best stadium I’ve played in is Wembley, for sure, with Chelsea. The first time I ever played at Wembley was in the FA Cup final, we beat Notts County and there was 40 000 people there. We won 1-0. Before that, we played in the Olympics in front of 75 000 people against Brazil and we won. I have been lucky to play in big stadiums before."

      "I would like to still l be part of football, I would like to manage the team; not as a coach but on the business side – to understand the business side of the game, to work with sponsors, to work with broadcasters. I like this."

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