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      Women ⎮The words from the Italian Champions

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      Giuliani, Galli, Gama, Boattin and Rosucci recalled their emotions

      Great emotions were also felt yesterday for the Juventus Women, who once again enjoyed another thrill on the pitch of the Allianz Stadium, following the one on 24 March. This time it was the award ceremony as winners of the Scudetto, the second in a row.

      Here are their words.

      laura giuliani

      “Today's evening was a bit of a flashback. We had very strong emotions when we played for the first time on this field, and we had the same emotions tonight when we returned. Walking in the same locker room, seeing the stadium full for the second time and the people applauding you, is a show that we will never be tired of seeing.

      "We tried to continue on from last year's streak, we also managed to bring home an important trophy that we missed last year, the Italian Cup. I think it was the culmination of our season. The Champions? I believe that for a club like Juventus it is not a goal that’s far away. Juventus is a club that is investing so much on us, that believes in us. We feel the closeness of the club and of the President, so I believe that the road is traced and within a few years we'll get there too.”

      sara gama

      "Today there were so many things to celebrate and we are very happy to have received the cup here, putting the icing on an already pretty big cake... This is a wonderful moment because it's another milestone. It is fortune that only our generation will live, we are happy about it and we are moving forward: we want to improve the path in the Champions League, and there is the Italian Super Cup that we still have to win. It's the beauty of sport.”

      On Europe: "We are a few years late, but not by much, because we have a great knowledge of football, so we are already shortening the gap. Clearly, it takes time: this year we participated for the first time, maybe we could do better, it does not matter; next year the first thing to do is pass the first round.”


      "This was a very important Scudetto, perhaps more difficult than last year, because it is true that to repeat our success is much more complicated: moreover, the league was suffered because we did not start very well, but then we recovered well.” She then adds: "I am proud to wear this uniform: we know the history of Juventus, we know how important it is and we know that we are writing a new page for women's football. I'm a Juventina and it's a great thing, I can't even explain it. A beautiful sensation.

      "We're just starting to show how beautiful women's football is, how pure it is. We really like seeing so many people in the stadiums, like the 39 000 at Juve-Fiorentina, it was an indescribable thing. We are only at the beginning and we hope that all this can be a springboard.

      aurora galli

      “It was nice to set foot on this extraordinary field, all the emotions experienced in Juventus-Fiorentina came back to my mind. It was the first time something like this happened in Italy, and it was us who took the first step. Sofie's goal was extraordinary, at the end of a hard-fought match.”

      Where do emotions like these "hang"? "In the room, above the bed, where you can see them every night when you go to sleep."

      martina rosucci

      “Returning to this field today and celebrating with the men's team was certainly an emotion; for me, more so, as I am a Juventina. I was very excited at the beginning of the game with Barzagli's greeting, who is a great champion and a legend for this club. To find myself, at the end, celebrating next to him and all the others is something I honestly couldn't even dream of.”

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