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      Continuing to stay together!

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      Many initiatives, many formats: Juve’s world hasn’t come to a stop these past few weeks.

      You will have certainly noticed this: from March until today, we have not stopped being by your side. We are at home, but together. We are distant, but united.

      Even if there were no matches to make our and your hearts beat, we are continuing to smile, when we can, through the use of social media and initiatives. From historical stories and great games by the Bianconeri champions, of today and of the past, to chatting with our players, legends, and fans, we have continued to stay united. 

      This has been Juventus' commitment during the weeks that have forced us to stay at home.

      In the meantime, we have also actively and concretely committed our support to our healthcare facilities in this time of emergency… The fundraising campaign "Distanti ma Uniti" (Distant but United) continues on GoFoundMe, which has surpassed 450 000 Euros.


      Your response, as always, has been incredible. Despite the absence of football played, our content has generated over a 1.5 billion impressions everywhere in the world and our videos have been viewed almost 342 million times.
      And when we say "anywhere in the world", it is not a saying: in fact, 70% of these impressions have come from abroad.
      And then there are the comments... So many. Over all, on the various Juventus channels (to be precise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Sina Weibo), more than 460 thousand comments have been posted, confirming how just how close we are to you all.
      But let's explore this a bit more in detail.


      In total there were 14 episodes (available only in Italian) in the “first series” of A Casa Con Juve: a new format produced, entirely, from their homes. Enrico Zambruno and Claudio Zuliani did - it must be said - the honours and hosted the champions of the First Team, Coach Maurizio Sarri, players from the Juventus Women, and Bianconeri Legends. That is not all though, also appearing as guests were great sportsmen, musicians, people from the entertainment industry as well as writers.

      The result was a fun lounge, in which the participants grappled with the challenges thrown to them by Zambruno, all while answering questions from the club’s followers.

      All and episodes can be viewed (In Italian), on Juventus TV.


      On Juventus TV, all formats are on demand, visible at all times and from every device. There is ample space for Mister Sarri's team, with numerous videos dedicated to the Bianconeri’s best plays this season: from Ronaldo to Dybala, passing through to Cuadrado and Douglas Costa, skills, goals and much more. Every day with History we dive into the past, to review the deeds of the great champions who have worn the glorious black and white jersey: Del Piero, Vialli, Baggio, Platini... the list is very long!

      In the section dedicated to Juventus Women, there are two formats that will keep you hooked: Wonder Women and Fuoricampo (Off The Pitch), in addition to all the important moments experienced in these two and a half years.

      Speaking of matches: the eSports team helps to fill in the longing desire for football, with through numerous international friendly matches against other remote clubs. In the games section, you can see all the official matches of this season (and many from the past): Juventus First Team, Juventus Women, Under 23, Under 19 and, of course, the eSports team.


      Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube... on every official Juventus channel we’ve been keeping you company with many new formats and contents.

      Starting from the biweekly #YourJuveMatchday. Every Sunday at 3:00pm and Wednesday at 8:45 pm a game, chosen by you through the Socios.com app, can be rewatched live on our Facebook channels.

       Your participation on our social networks has been splendid, as demonstrated in the Watch Parties on Facebook, but above all in the numerous #GIFChains on Twitter and Facebook, from which many pearls have come out.

      On Instagram we bring you even closer to the Bianconeri: in addition to a renewed series of interactive stories, we have hosted an exclusive Q&A, such as the one with Matthijs de Ligt, all while showing you a behind the scenes look at our players' in quarantine. All this takes place without forgetting to relive great games, unique moments, and to let you vote, for example, of the best Bianconero haircut.

      As if that wasn't enough, we have decided to expand our Youtube schedule, giving you the opportunity to review some Juventus games in full (with live tweets on Twitter!). 

      Not only that: many new videos of all kinds, from the Tek’s top saves, to all the free-kick goals in recent years, passing through to the many "best of" moments by the Bianconeri this season.

      Among these, there is also the new format "Ten reasons to love", dedicated to some legends of Juventus history. Of course, 10 reasons are never enough to tell you why we are in love with Pirlo, Tevez, Vialli etc, but they are a great way to keep our admiration for these legends alive. Then, we brought the Allianz Stadium onto your sofa. With  our "Behind The Goal" videos that offer a new perspective of the game through exclusive images from the best matches this season.

      Also, Youtube is the home of our eSports team. The Juventus Team continues to entertain us with the live broadcasts on our channel. Many friendlies and tournaments at PES both in Italy and internationally, can also be enjoyed with commentary by Enrico Zambruno.

      In addition, how can we forget about our Juventus Youth and Juventus Women accounts on Twitter, which have created splendid content. From Goal Anatomy, the analysis of all the goals of each team (Primavera, Under23, Women, First team) to the #BianconerePlaylists and #APortraitADay: there are many different types of content that we offer you on these channels every day.

      In short, there has been a lot of content, a lot of participation and a great desire for entertainment on Juve’s social networks, which will only continue. Because, in addition to the many formats that we retain, we also try to reinvert ourselves with new proposals, such as the one just launched: #JuveBestGoal, a maxi "tournament" with voting every day on Twitter and Facebook, where you can elect, once and for all, the best Juventus goal in history. And much more...  Sostay tuned on our social networks!


      The Juventus website also continued its activity, with the aim not only of informing and conveying news and useful information, but also providing inciteful and fun readings, as well as videos that link back to our social accounts.

      We are with you. And we continue to be: distant, but united!

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