Our Sustainability

A path in constant evolution

The Juventus mindset is to look ahead, live ahead. Six years ago, this has allowed us to become one of the first football clubs to ever speak of sustainability. In these years , this approach has gone further, and we no longer speak as a football club , but as a football company. Today the world requires a growing evolution, which will make us become players with a new skill: the ability to make an impact. Not only on the field – where we have created our History – but also in the different contexts surrounding us, leveraging on the values of Sport to tangibly contribute to the evolution of Society and of new generations. We believe that, as a football company, the strongest impact we may have is on the social field, and we wish to have such impact in first person. Juventus Goals was born this past year for this very reason. Through Juventus Goals, we want to include ever colour lying between the black and white. We aim to use football as a tool of promoting and conveying values such as respect, sharing, and social inclusion. In this scope – thanks to projects such as Fair People and Juventus for Special@School, thousands of pupils from schools in Turin city and its area have been exposed to such values. Our aim is to continue this path and involve a growing number of people. Moreover, as a continuation of the journey begun in the past seasons, we have identified the Sustainable Development Goals which we may have the most impact on. Our mission is to contribute to achieve them by means of our own Juventus Goals. As well as social impact, we certainly do not leave behind the environment.

Starting this sport season, the electrical energy used by Juventus is 100% renewable. This result is part of a responsibility mission brought forward over the years, which we aim to even further improve in the future. This is our commitment for the years to come: to keep improving as a club and as company by attempting to identify and meet the demands of our stakeholders, not only in the short term.