• Saturday, 21. May. 2016, 20:45, Olimpico
        • Milan
        • Juventus

      Juventus supporters could buy tickets in Nord (gates 46/49), Distinti Nord (gates 50/52 e 43/45) and  Tribuna Tevere.

      Tickets available from March, 30th at 12:00 in this order:

      i)  From March, 30th  to April 12th  - only for Season tickets holders.

      ii) From April 14th at 10:00 am to May, 6th at  6:00 pm only for J1897, Premium member and Supporter Card owners.

      - “J1897 Member” from April 14th to April 18th.

      - “Premium Member” from April 19th.

      - “Supporter card owners” from April 26th 

      For all authorized channel, visit: https://www.listicket.com/ticketing/acquisto/acquistoStep1/34854/MILAN-vs-JUVENTUS-Finale-Tim-Cup-2016

      J1897 and Premium Members must be in possession of a physical membership card to purchase tickets.

      It is not possible to change names on tickets purchased in pre-emption mode.

      Premium Members based abroad with a virtual membership card (code 0146) can purchase tickets by calling the Call center Ticketone. They will receive their tickets via home-ticketing.


      J1897 and Premium Members can take part in the 'Invita due amici alla Finale di TIM Cup' (Bring two friends to the Coppa Italia final) initiative. This means they can buy two more tickets for fans who are not J-Members from any of the sales points or by calling the Call center Ticketone.*

      *For more datails about Call center TicketOne visit: https://www.listicket.com/ticketing/editoriale/news/callcenter-ticketone.html?lang=en

      iii) From May 9th at 10:00 am: General Sale

      More information will be available from May.

      More information: www.listicket.com

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