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      I have to renew my season ticket but my supporter card has expired. What should I do?

      In this case, a new Supporter Card will have to be issued immediately at the same time as renewing the season ticket, only and exclusively through the J|Museum Ticket Office.

      The new season ticket will in any case be loaded on the new Supporter Card.

      Supporters must therefore present themselves with the season ticket form they can download here as well as a valid ID document.

      Everyone requiring a new Supporter Card must go to the J|Museum Ticket Office in person.

      I have to renew my season ticket but my card expires before June 2017: what should I do?

      In this case, simply load the season ticket on the valid Supporter Card already in your possession. May we remind you that on expiry your Supporter Card will be valid for access to the Juventus Stadium only.

      Can I cancel my season ticket?

      A purchased season ticket cannot be cancelled, but you can change the name of the user or sell your place through the "My Season Ticket" section on Juventus.com.

      Can I change my seat after purchase?

      No, you cannot change your seat for the season after it has already been issued.

      How can I obtain my seat number card?

      You can print your seat number card by visiting the "My subscription" section at Juventus.com and providing your credentials.

      I have renewed/purchased my season ticket in one of the sectors indicated with an asterisk (113-114-115 e 215-216-217-218-219). Why is pre-emption right not ensured for my seat for Champions League matches?

      UEFA regulations envisage that, during European competitions, a maximum number of tickets must be reserved for UEFA itself and the visiting team in certain areas of the stadium. As a precautionary measure, may we inform you that Juventus will ensure your pre-emption right for these matches, which may be applied to your seat or a seat in other sectors in relation to procedures notified when pre-emption phase is opened for European competitions.

      I am a season ticket holder. Can I exercise my pre-emption right for Champions League and Italian Cup matches as a Premium Member?

      Yes, if you're a member and you have not exercised the pre-emption right for your place during the pre-emption phase reserved for Season ticket holders, you can exercise your pre-emption right and purchase the remaining places during the subsequent phase reserved for Premium Members. In this case, Juventus does not assure the application of any specific ticket costs for season ticket holders.

      Which documents should I bring with me to renew my season ticket?

      As of this year, you must physically be in possession of a valid Supporter Card in order to subscribe to a season ticket.

      If you do not have a valid Supporter Card, you can subscribe to a season ticket only by going to the J|Museum Ticket Office with a valid ID document and the season ticket form duly compiled and signed (which can be downloaded here).

      To renew your season ticket, you must have with you a valid ID document and the Supporter Card, as well as the season ticket form duly compiled and signed (which can be downloaded here).

      If you renew at Listicket.com or by calling the Lis call centre, you will need to send the duly signed and completed season ticket form to the address abbonamenti2016@juventus.com.

      Which documents do I need to bring along when purchasing a new season ticket?

      If you already have the Supporter Card, you must show it along with the completed form which you can download here.

      If you don’t have the Supporter Card, you can purchase a new season ticket only at the Ticket Office at the Juventus Museum.

      My Supporter Card has been lost/stolen: how can I get a season ticket?

      You must personally go to the Juventus Museum Ticket Office with an official police report of the loss/theft . A new Supporter Card will be issued immediately and the season ticket will be loaded on to it.

      Bear in mind that you must go to the J|Museum Ticket Office with a valid ID document and the season ticket form duly compiled and signed (which can be downloaded here).

      I have received the new Supporter Card and I would like to renew my season ticket for the 2016/17 Serie A season. What should I do?

      If you have received the new Supporter Card and you would like to renew your own season ticket for the 2016/17 Serie A season, you have to transfer the pre-emption right (and automatically the accrued credit during the past Serie A 2015/16 season) to purchase with “Renew reduction”:

      1. Go to the website https://support.listicket.it/SETA_GSD/;
      2. Insert number and web ticketing code of the old and the new Supporter Card;
      3. Click on “Trasferisci” to end the process.

      What should I do to renew/purchase a season ticket if my Supporter Card is stolen/lost/damaged?

      In these cases, you can only purchase/renew your season ticket at the Juventus Museum Ticket Office, where you will immediately be given a new Supporter Card onto which you can upload your season ticket.

      For the Season Pass campaign, please wait until the end of May to take a look at all of the details.

      If your season ticket has been uploaded to your Supporter Card, you will need to send an e-mail message to customercare@juventus.com pointing out the theft/loss/damage of your Supporter Card and attaching a copy of the police report.

      A friend of mine is unable to go and renew their season ticket. Can I do it for them?

      Yes, but you must have their identification, Supporter Card and the filled in form with you. Each supporter can subscribe to a maximum of 4 season tickets.

      I am a Premium Member but I have not yet received my Supporter Card. Can I exercise the Premium Member pre-emption right to purchase a 2016-17 season ticket?

      No, it will not be possible to exercise the pre-emption right since you must physically be in possession of the Supporter Card.

      I’d like to buy a season ticket with disability concessions, what documents do I need to bring with me? What should the minimum disability percentage be?

      To purchase or renew a "Disability Reduction" season pass, you can go to a point of sale at the Juventus Museum or to an authorised ticket office with your Disability Certificate issued by the ASL, along with the other requested documents. There is not a minimum percentage of disability in order to complete the purchase.

      Disabled with limited mobility, who can take advantage of free tickets for individual competitions during the season following the online accreditation process, may choose to purchase a season pass at a reduced rate, in the North 1° tier and South 1° tier areas.

      Starting this year, renewal of season passes in the East and West areas with Disability Reduction prices will be available online via www.listicket.com

      I want to renew my season ticket but change my seat: how can I do this? Will I lose the pre-emption right for my seat?

      From 4 to 5 July (the last day of the season ticket renewal campaign), you can change your seat by selecting from those still available after the renewal stage by going to the Juventus Museum Ticket Office in Via Druento 153/42 (Turin) with a printout of the season ticket form or else contact the call center on 892.101. Remember that if you wish to change sector, you do not have to renew your season pass during the first phase; you should wait until 4 July and the previous pre-emption right of your old seat will not be guaranteed which, if chosen by another subscriber during this period, will no longer be available. To renew your season ticket with a change of place, the "Renewal" rates will be valid.

      What is the “My season pass” section?

      Starting this season, subscribers can manage their season passes directly at Juventus.com, in the "My season pass" section. This section, which will be available from the end of July, contains a number of new features and a dashboard to monitor your season pass. To access it, simply register at Juventus.com and enter your Supporter Card number. At that point it will be possible to enjoy services covering: name changes, official Secondary Ticketing and seat number print out from 15 July.

      How can I transfer my season pass?

      In the section " My season pass" at Juventus.com you can change the name of your digital title by selecting from among one of the three names you have defined. You can choose to enter the three names at any time you prefer: each of the names can be modified until the first use. The name change will be available until 24 hours before a match, and each beneficiary must be in possession of a Supporter Card. After the match, the season pass holder shall return to being the owner thereof, and it will no longer be possible to make a seasonal name change.

      Reminder: It is necessary to have transferred the season pass from paper to digital media in order to enjoy this service.

      Can I be named as a “reserve” on more than one season ticket?

      Yes, you can be named as a “reserve” on more than one season ticket - obviously only for one match at a time.

      What is the Secondary Ticketing service?

      The area reserved for "My season pass" will offer an important new service: access to official Juventus Secondary Ticketing. It will be possible to plan your own season and to select the events you do not wish to participate in, thus freeing your place to be freely sold and, if it is sold, to accrue credit which can be spent on Juventus ticketing products.

      When can I decide to sell my place?

      It is possible to sell your place up to 48 hours prior to the match, even after the opening of official sales.

      If my place is not resold, can I still access the Stadium?

      A place holder who does not wish to attend a match may change his or her mind and take back their place up until the opening of official sales for the match itself; after this period, one cannot take back the decision to not participate in a match.

      How can I manage the credit accrued through the Secondary Ticketing service?

      Accrued credits will be visible on the "Summary" page of the "My season pass" section, within 5 days of the match. It can be spent exclusively at the site Listicket.com for purchasing the following Juventus products: -Tickets for the Juventus Museum and Stadium Tour, made payable to the subscriber or other persons -Tickets, made payable exclusively to the subscriber, for matches during the 2015/2016 season not included in the season pass (European matches and the Tim Cup) -Renewal of the season pass for the 2016/17 season

      Accrued credit not used by 31 July 2016 will be terminated without any possibility to recover cash. Additionally, the accrued credit cannot be used for payment of Lis fees, entirely due by the subscriber on the face value of the services purchased.

      How can I use the credit accrued in order to renew the season ticket for the 2016/17 season?

      The credit accrued through the resale of your seat during the 2015/16 football season may be used for renewal of the season ticket for the 2016/17 season through these channels:

      -      Listicket.com

      -      Juventus Club Doc Coordinating Centre

      -      Lis Ticket Offices in Turin: c.so Orbassano 348, and Milan: via Bruno Cassinari 15 and Rome: Piazza Ippolito Nievo, 1 e Via Gian Luca Squarcialupo, 7 


      The credit will be deducted from your account net of Lis commissions. May we remind you that the credit accumulated in the 2015/16 football season can be used for renewal of the season ticket, or to purchase Juventus Museum & Stadium Tour tickets by and no later than 31/07/2016.

      I'm Under 16 (or Under 18 for the Family Stand), where I can buy/renew my season ticket with the reduced rate?

      Whether you are an Under 16 (or under 18 for the Family Stand) and have to buy/renew your season ticket, you can do it on:

      - Call Center TicketOne 892 101 (from Switzerland 0900 892 101 - from all other places, except Italy and Switzerland, +39 02 600 60 900 from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 9 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 5.30 PM. Sunday is closed)

      - Qualified Box Office Lis 

      I'd like to renew my season parking ticket. How and when do I have to do it?

      From 14 to 30 June you can renew your season parking ticket valid for the 19 home games in the 2016/2017 Serie A Championship to J|Museum, via Druento 153/42, Turin. This presale period is available only for season parking ticket owner in the season 2015/2016.

      From 20 June, you can renew your season parking ticket also through www.juventus.com.

      For the new season parking ticket all information will be available at the beginning of July.

      P4-P5-P7-P9: €180

      P8: €200

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