New Season Tickets

      Sector Full tariff Under 16 Under 18 /Women Disabled People
      Tribuna Ovest Laterale 1° 1260,00 695,00
      Tribuna Ovest Laterale 2° 880,00 485,00
      Tribuna Ovest 2° 1150,00 635,00
      Tribuna Family 1160,00 - 640,00
      Tribuna Est Centrale 1° 2370,00 1305,00 1305,00
      Tribuna Est Centrale 2° 1435,00 790,00 790,00
      Tribuna Est Laterale 1° 1280,00 705,00 705,00
      Tribuna Est Laterale 2° 1000,00 550,00 550,00
      Tribuna Nord/Sud Est 2° 745,00 410,00
      Tribuna Nord 1°-2° 650,00 360,00 360,00
      Tribuna Sud 1°-2° 650,00 360,00 360,00
      Tribuna Ospiti

      Juventus does not guarantee to the Seasonticketholder in the Eastern sectors the preemption on the same seats for extra-Seasonticket competitions (Champions League and other cups). Juventus will publish from time to time on the site www.juventus.com the areas subject to restriction. Seasonticketholder will be able to purchase the ticket in the available places, in the same sector or in another sector at the discretion of Juventus. To find out more, visit the FAQ section.

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