2022.23 Season Ticket

Where can I buy the 2022.23 season ticket?

The only official sales channel to buy a 2022.23 season ticket is the Official Ticket Shop Juventus on tickets.juventus.com. Physical points, as retailers or sale point at Juventus Museum, will no longer be available for the purchase of the season ticket. If you are a 19.20 subscriber and you want to renew your seat also for season 22.23, you can do it in the dedicated sales phase RENEWAL, or in the sales phase RENEWAL WITH PLACE CHANGE in case you want to move to another sector.

Members of a Juventus Official Fan Club can renew their seat at Allianz Stadium by contacting their local club.

What does my 2022.23 season ticket include?

By subscribing to the Allianz Stadium, you will have the opportunity to watch all 19 Serie A 2022.23 home matches and access all the entertainment activities within your sector. If you can’t attend one of the 19 games, you can easily give up your seat for that race by changing your name or putting your seat back on sale. You will have access to the first sale reserved for the home matches of the Uefa Champions League, also with the possibility of changing name, Italian Cup and more. In case of Coppa Italia final, you will be entitled to access a dedicated sales phase. In addition, during the year you will be informed of reserved sales also for some important matches of the First Women’s Team and the Under 23. By purchasing the 22.23 subscription you also include the right of access to the reserved sale for the 23.24 subscription. Your subscription gives you access to many discounts and exclusive benefits at J|Medical, the Juventus Museum and the Official Online Store. During the year will be communicated other special initiatives and promotions dedicated to all subscribers.

I am a 19.20 season ticket holder and I intend to renew in one of the EAST sectors of the stadium, can I make the pre-emption on my place for the Champions League matches?

For subscribers in the East sectors of the Allianz Stadium is not guaranteed the pre-emption on their place for Champions League matches. Juventus will publish from time to time on the website www.juventus.com, in the section Tickets, places subject to limitation. Season ticket holders affected by the restriction will be able to purchase tickets in the seats available in the same sector or in another sector, at the discretion of Juventus.

Where can I find all the information about the 2022.23 season ticket campaign?

All information is published on the 2022.23 subscription campaign page.

How will I receive my purchased season ticket?

Once the purchase is complete, your season ticket is immediately uploaded to your Juventus Card that you have entered to log in to the Official ticket shop page. You will receive an email confirmation from the Official ticket shop. Your subscription will be valid for access to the 19 Serie A stadium for the 2022.23 season and you will need to bring the Juventus card with you to the Allianz Stadium.

Where can I find season ticket prices?

The price list of the season ticket campaign is published on the dedicated page.

How can I subscribe to season 22.23?

To be able to subscribe you must be in possession of an active Juventus Card and be registered at the Official Ticket Shop Juventus (tickets.juventus.com). To subscribe in the phase renewals, you must have been 19.20 season ticket holders. Any availability released will be communicated at the end of the renewals phase. If new subscriptions are available, the priority sale phase will be dedicated to members of the Membership programs (J1897 and later, in case of availability, also to B&W and B&W Lite).

Can I buy a season ticket on behalf of other people?

You can renew/purchase up to 4 season tickets. We recommend, to use each their own credit, that each season ticket holder makes the purchase individually from its account.

I am a 22.23 season ticket holder, what will I need to access the stadium?

Upon access to the Allianz Stadium, you must have with you the Juventus Card on which the subscription is loaded, a valid ID and the placeholder, downloadable from your personal My Ticket Shop page, on which you will find all the detail of your place (sector, row and seat). Attention: We remind you that in consideration of the continuous evolution of the spreading scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure to be in possession of any certifications and personal protective equipment required by the applicable legislation on the date of the match.

I was a 2019.20 season ticket holder with Ridotto I rate, how can I renew my 2022.23 subscription with Ridotto I rate?

For all those who were 19.20 season ticket holder with REDUCED RATE I was sent a communication by e-mail with indications to be accredited to the dedicated portal and then be able to renew using this special rate even in season 22.23. 

Are you a 19.20 season ticket holder with Ridotto I rate, and you have not received the e-mail? Contact Fan Service Juventus at (+39)

Do I want to buy the season ticket with an operator’s assistant, is it possible?

No, the Official ticket shop customer care support in case of problems. The only sales channel is the Official ticket shop Juventus.

What competitions are included in the season ticket?

Your 2022.23 subscription includes all 19 Serie A games for Juventus' first men’s team at Allianz Stadium and access to the first reserved sale phase for Uefa Champions League and Italian Cup matches.

Where can I buy a car park associated with my subscription?

You can purchase a season parking pass in the same period of the subscription campaign by visiting the dedicated portal.

Can I cancel my subscription?

No, that’s not possible. Having the Contract of Sale of subscriptions to object the provision of services related to leisure that the Organizer, pursuant to art. 59, 1st paragraph, lett. n) of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal provided for by art. 52 of the Consumer Code.

I am a minor season ticket holder and I have passed my Covid and IMA credits to a non-subscribed guardian, how can I renew my subscription?

In order to renew your subscription, you must contact the Customer Care of the Official Ticket Shop Juventus by calling (+39)0230458026.

I would like to renew my child’s subscription is it possible? Do I need a Juventus Card? Is it transferable to an adult?

It is possible to renew a subscription for a minor if you have an active Juventus Card and if you are a 19.20 season ticket holder willing to renew. The subscription for a minor is not transferable to an adult. The minor has to be in possession of an active Juventus Card too.

Are there any facilities for disabled people?

Among the rates of subscriptions there is the Ridotto I. You can select the Ridotto I rate only after being accredited to the dedicated portal. An email with all the indications to complete the procedure was sent to 19.20 season ticket holder with Ridotto I. If you have not received the email with the link for the accreditation, contact the Juventus fan service at (+39)0230458026.

Can I renew a season ticket or buy one in the new sales phase without Juventus Card?

No, that’s not possible. You can renew a subscription or buy a new one at the new sale phase only with an active Juventus Card.

Can I use COVID and IMA credit to purchase Premium season ticket?

No, it is not possible to use the credit for the purchase of subscriptions in the Premium sectors. Premium 2019.20 season ticket holders can renew the 2022.2023 season by contacting their reference account or writing to juventuspremiumclub@juventus.com.

I was not a 2019.20 season ticket holder, can I buy a subscription?

The sale of 2022.23 season tickets is reserved primarily for holders of 2019/20 season tickets who can confirm the renewal of this season. Any availability issued will be communicated at the end of the phase renewals. If new subscriptions are available, the priority sale of the same will be dedicated to members of the Membership programs (J1897 and later also to B&W always in case of availability).

I need assistance on the Official Ticket Shop Juventus: Who can I contact?

You can contact the Official Ticket Shop Customer Service at support.ticketshopjuventus@pg-mc.com or by calling (+39) 0230458026.

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