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Can I cancel my season ticket once purchased?

No, you cannot cancel your season ticket, but you can switch names for each match. Visit the "My season ticket" section in your profile to get all the information.

Is it possible to change the seat I purchased?

No, it is not possible to change your seat once you have purchased a season ticket.

I renewed/purchased my season ticket in the Est sector: why is the pre-emption on my seat not guaranteed for Champions League matches?

During European competitions, UEFA regulations provide for a maximum number of tickets to be given to UEFA itself and to the guest club in certain areas of the Allianz Stadium. For precautionary purposes, we inform you that Juventus will guarantee your right of first refusal for these matches, a right that can be exercised on a case-by-case basis by Juventus upon the opening of pre-emptions for European competitions.

What documents do I need to renew my season ticket?

You must physically hold a valid Juventus Card, issued by Juventus, in order to sign up for the season ticket. If you don't have the Juventus card yet, visit the dedicated section by clicking here.

What is the "My season ticket" section?

It is a section that you will find within your Juventus.com profile, with which you can manage your season ticket thanks to a series of functions and a dashboard to monitor it. To access, register on the Juventus.com site, log in, enter the MST section and enter (only upon your first access) the number on the Juventus Card on which the season ticket is loaded. At this point you can benefit from the dedicated services: name change, access to the official Secondary Ticketing and printing of your place card. You also have a dedicated and free support service.

How can I transfer my season ticket?

To transfer your season ticket, go to the "My season ticket" section and choose who to assign it to from one of the three names you have previously entered. You can enter the three names at any desired moment. Remember: each name can be changed until its first use and must necessarily hold the Juventus Card issued by Juventus. The name change is possible up to 24h before the beginning of the match. After the match, you will go back to being the season ticket holder.

If I am not a season ticket holder, can I be named as "Reserve" on multiple season tickets? 

Yes, you can be chosen as a "Reserve" for a name change on multiple passes and you can only benefit from the transfer one match at a time. If, on the other hand, you are a season ticket holder, you cannot be entered as a reserve for another season ticket holder.

What is the Secondary Ticketing service?

It is an important service which is available to you in your private area: here you can plan your season and select the events you will not take part in, hence leaving your seat available for a free sale. In case of an actual sale, you will accrue a credit that can be spent in extra league matches, for a Juventus Museum and Allianz Stadium Tour and a season ticket renewal for the following season.

When can I decide to sell my seat?

Approximately 3 weeks before the match, when the game concerned is visible in the "My season ticket" section. You can put your seat on sale at any time, up to 48 hours before the match. You can also claim back your seat, previously put on sale, until the sale of the match itself opens. From that moment you will no longer be able to claim your seat back for that particular match.

If my seat is not resold, can I still access the Allianz Stadium?

Yes, you can claim your seat until the official sale of the match itself opens, after this cut-off you automatically forego your chance of going to the match.

How can I manage the credit that I will accrue through the Secondary Ticketing service in the next season?

Your credit can only be used on the Juventus Official Ticket Shop website, to purchase:

- Tickets for the Juventus Museum and Allianz Stadium Tour

- Tickets, in the subscriber’s name, for matches of the season not included in the season ticket (European competitions and Italian Cup)

- A season ticket renewal for the next season

The credit accrued and not used within 16/07/2023 will automatically be cancelled, with no further possibility of recovery. You cannot use your credit to pay Lis fees, which are entirely due by the holder.

How can I use the credit accrued for the season ticket renewal for the next season?

You can use it by renewing your season ticket at the Juventus Official Ticket Shop. If you are registered with a Juventus Official Fan Club, you can refer to your JOFC President. The credit is deducted from your account when paying. Please remember that you can use the credit accumulated in the 2019/20 season no later than 16/07/2023.

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