Enrico Vellano

Name: Enrico
Surname: Vellano
Role: Director
Nationality: Italian
He was born in Torino in 1967 and graduated in Economics at the University of Torino. In 1992 he started his professional career at Arthur Andersen.
In 1995 he joined SAI Assicurazioni where he specialized in the management of equities and bonds portfolios. In 1997 he started his working experience at IFIL, the investment company controlled by the Agnelli Family. He held increasingly relevant positions until 2006 when he was named Chief Financial Officer of IFIL, which was merged in IFI in 2009 to create EXOR.
Since December 2016 EXOR S.p.A. was merged by incorporation into EXOR N.V., based in Amsterdam, Enrico Vellano retained the position of CFO.
He is also a board member of di PartnerRe Ltd, Almacantar Ltd, Welltec International APS, Exor S.A., Paris Office JV Ltd, EXOR Financial Investment Sicav, EXOR Investment Ltd, EXOR SN LLP and EXOR NEDERLAND.