Luca Adornato

Name: Luca
Surname: Adornato
Role: Head of Marketing
Place of Birth: Rome
Nationality: Italian
Born in Rome on 11 June 1981, he graduated in International Business and Economics at Nottingham Trent University and began his career at Juventus in 2004, within the marketing Business Unit.
Since that year, he has taken on roles with increasing responsibility: from Marketing up to the position of Consumer Marketing Manager in 2012, where he dealt with the management, development and enhancement of all activities aimed at the fans.
In November 2015, he became Brand Development Manager and started a new path within the Brand, Licensing and Retail department, where he also played a hands-on role in the project to review the Club's visual identity and the international development of the Academy.
From October 2018, he was named the Head of Marketing at Juventus, where he is responsible for all the Marketing activities of the Club; with the aim of supporting the growth of revenue lines, enhancing the reputation of the brand internationally and strengthening the presence of the club on the digital channels.