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Where can I buy Legends Club tickets?

Legends Club tickets can be purchased through the online booking system on the website www.juventus.com, in the dedicated Legends Club section, after registering on J.com, alternatively, if you are already a registered user, by logging in 

How do I buy Legends Club tickets?

After choosing the match to buy and selecting the number of tickets (two to four, if you are a Private individual, two to ten if you want to buy as a Company) you must register on our site, or log in if you already have the credentials to access our site. Before sending the purchase proposal, you must read and accept the General Conditions for the provision and use of the Legends Club service. After having sent the purchase proposal, a message from Juventus will inform you of the order’s processing and all the verifications necessary for the issuance of tickets will be carried out in the following days.

The system asks me to enter my credentials, how do I know which ones they are?

Your credentials are the username and password with which you registered on this site. If you do not have these credentials you can register with the appropriate registration form

Is it necessary to immediately enter the participants’ data?

No, it is not necessary to immediately enter the participants’ data. You can complete them or modify them, unless you confirm the data entered, up to 4 days before the event. 

Can the purchase order be made out to a person other than the buyer?

During the purchase procedure you will be asked to indicate whether you are purchasing as a "Private individual" or as a "Company". If you buy as a Private individual, the buyer corresponds with the user who carries out the procedure. If you buy as a Company, you will need to enter the company data and the legal representative with the necessary signature powers.

Through a single user, can I buy both as a natural person and as a company?

Yes, you can choose the purchase method. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase the same match both as a natural person (by purchasing a maximum of 4 tickets) and as a company (by purchasing a maximum of 10 tickets), but by placing two distinct orders.

The connection fell or was interrupted before the procedure was completed. Do I have to make a new booking from the beginning?

Yes, in this case you have to redo the procedure from the beginning.

How many tickets can I buy?

If you buy as a Natural person, you can buy a minimum of two to a maximum of four tickets. If you buy as a Company, you can buy a minimum of two to a maximum of ten tickets. You can request larger quantities by writing to "Request Info".

Can I purchase tickets for multiple games through a single procedure?

No, the system allows you to select one event at a time. In order to purchase tickets for another match, a new request must be made.

Is there a maximum limit of games that can be purchased?

No, there is no maximum limit of matches that can be purchased.

Is it mandatory to have a Juventus Card to buy a ticket in the Legends Club?

It is not always mandatory to have the Juventus Card. For purchases made by Private individuals it is necessary to hold the Juventus Card only if the participants are resident in the Region of the visiting team and the authorities have imposed this limitation. In all other cases, the Juventus Card is not necessary. For purchases made by Companies, the Juventus Card is never necessary. 

Once entered, can I change the participants’ data?

Yes. If you do not confirm the entered data, you can change these or replace the names of the participants up to 4 days before the event. After this date, it will no longer be possible to change the participants’ data.

What is the "waiting list" function for?

This option, which is activated only when all the seats are booked, allows you to enter a waiting list and enjoy a "priority" in the booking request, in the event that any become available.

What payment methods are there?

Payment can be made: (i) by Credit Card (accepted circuits: VISA and Mastercard), or (ii) by bank transfer which should be made within 3 days of the order date. In the event of failure to credit the sum within the terms indicated above, Juventus may refuse the booking. 

If my credit card does not allow me to make a payment in one transaction, can I split it into two payments from two credit cards?

No, it's not possible.

Once I have sent my credit card details or made the transfer, am I sure I will have tickets?

No. As specified in the General Conditions, the acknowledgement and acceptance of which the buyer must provide confirmation, Juventus reserves the right to accept or reject the booking. In case of refusal of the booking, i.e. of the purchase proposal, following receipt of the payment, Juventus will return the sums already collected. In addition, once the data of the participants have been confirmed, Juventus will carry out the verifications to ascertain the correctness and the possible existence of reasons impeding the issue of the tickets in their name. As specified in the General Conditions, the acknowledgement and acceptance of which the buyer must provide confirmation, if the verification carried out shows impediments, pursuant to the law, to the issuance of the tickets in the participants’ name, the relative ticket will not be issued, without a right to a refund of the price.  

Is it possible to choose a seat in the grandstand?

No, the Grandstand seat is automatically assigned by the system when the order is placed.

Can I change the user’s name on an already issued ticket?

No, as specified in the General Conditions, the name change on an already issued ticket is not allowed. However, may we remind you that if you have not yet confirmed the data entered, you can still enter and edit the data of the participants up to 4 days before the event.

Do children under 4 years have to pay the ticket to enter the Legends Club?

Children under 4 years (on the day of the event) can enter the Legends Club for free provided they are accompanied by an adult holding an admission ticket, without being assigned a seat in the stands and at the table. They must therefore be held in your arms or lap and will not be entitled to the restaurant service.

Who can I contact for any doubts or questions?

You can ask for information or clarifications through the appropriate "Information Request" form. After sending the booking request, you will instead be notified of a dedicated E-mail address.

Is it possible to check the status of my bookings?

Yes, it is possible to check the status of bookings through the Reserved Area, by entering the credentials used during the purchase phase.

Can I modify a purchase proposal already sent?

No. It is not possible to vary a purchase proposal. You can however put forward any special requests by sending an E-mail to the dedicated address: we will take them into detailed consideration.

Is it possible to request the cancellation and refund of the ticket purchased?

In compliance with current regulations, there is no refund for the ticket price purchased against a surrender. The only case envisaged to allow cancellations and refunds is that relating to the cancellation of the event itself.

What is the ticket delivery method?

Tickets will be sent in home ticketing mode to the E-mail address indicated during the purchase, 2 or 3 days before the game.

What is a home ticketing ticket?

The Home Ticketing option is a delivery of the ticket that allows you to print out the ticket directly on your own, and then you can access the stadium with it. Note! Make sure that the print-out is of good quality, paying particular attention to the clarity of the bar code printing.

I requested a ticket with Home Ticketing but I deleted the email that contained it. What should I do?

In case of loss or cancellation of the email containing the tickets for the event, you must immediately write to the dedicated mail account for the reissue of tickets.

Is it possible to request a vegetarian menu?

Yes, within 72 hours of the event, through the Notes field during the purchase or by writing an E-mail to the dedicated address, you can send a request for a particular menu to report food allergies or intolerances. 

What are the opening hours of the Lounge?

The Lounge opens 2 hours before the game and remains open until 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Can disabled people access the Legends Club?

Legends Club has 4 paid places dedicated to non-mobile people. You must make a specific request during the booking phase if you want to make use of one. The entrance tickets for these categories are issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

How many parking spaces can I have?

The system automatically assigns the following number of parking spaces according to the number of tickets purchased:

- from 2 to a maximum of 4 tickets purchased: 1 parking space

- from 5 to a maximum of 8 tickets purchased: 2 parking spaces

- from 9 to a maximum of 10 tickets purchased: 3 parking spaces.

In which Parking Area will the parking space be?

Parking spaces will be assigned within areas P4 and P10, based on the assigned Lounges. Visit the Parcking section for more information.

Is it possible to receive an invoice for the purchase made?

All purchases made receive a regular invoice.

If you reside in Italy, the invoice valid for tax purposes will be sent in electronic format to the SDI (exchange system) as required by art. 1, para. 909, Law 205/2017; if you have not provided a PEC (certified) mail to Juventus and you have not authenticated directly or indirectly to the SDI, you will find the invoice in your "tax mail box" ("cassetto fiscale"). An analogue copy of the invoice will be downloadable directly from the Reserved Area, by entering the credentials used during the purchase, within the 15th of the month following the match played.

If you live abroad, the invoice will be downloadable directly from the Reserved Area, by entering the credentials used during the purchase, within the 15th of the month following the match played.

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