Tujuan Juventus


Goals has always represents a starting point, not the end purpose, to challenge ourselves, evolve, and improve again every day. In the past few years, Juventus has aimed to communicate – by means of football and its methodology – a value system able to reach all its stakeholders and giving in the chance to stand out on a global scale. The Goals are thus the result of teamwork: a fundamental element to achieve bigger things. On and off the field, the Juventus spirit is to look ahead and live ahead. Today’s world demands us to step up your game in a new perspective: the ability to make a impact. Not only on the pitch – where we have created our History – but even in the contexts around us, leveraging on the values of Sport to tangibly contribute to the evolution of Society and new generations. Juventus aims to play this role in first person, so as to improve not only itself, but even its global community. By means of Juventus Goals, we wish to include every colour lying between black and white. We believe that – as a football company – we can make a strong impact the public sphere. By means o football, Juventus Goals aims to convey and promote the value of respect, sharing and social inclusion.

Our purpose

By means of Juventus Goals, the Club commits to supporting activities in three areas which a football company may have the greatest influence on:

Playtime, education and social inclusion