Juventus is a professional football club, listed on the stock exchange, that has proven to be one of the most loved teams in the world for more a century

      Juventus is a professional football club which is listed on the stock exchange and is one of the most famous and revered teams both in Italy and internationally.

      The club’s underlying purpose is to provide supporters with the highest level of enjoyment possible by continuing a winning tradition that has been established during a glorious history spanning over 100 years.

      This aim is pursued by following a series of precise rules which are outlined in the club’s code of ethics and followed by all employees and consultants.

      Among the main principles are the desire to promote ethics in sport and bridge the gap between the professional and business side of football, while maintaining the utmost respect towards fans and all sport enthusiasts.

      Juventus also strives to maintain stable relationships with its shareholders by creating profits through the development of the Juventus brand and enhancement of sporting organisation.

      The company’s core business model is based on participation in national and international competitions. The main sources of revenue emerge from the exploitation of sports events, the Juventus brand and the image of the first team. In fact, the most significant revenue stream comes from television and media licensing rights along with the sale of advertising space.

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