Our People

A team of professionals

Juventus' spirit is to look ahead, and to live ahead.
Over 120 years of history.
In addition to the teams that Juventus puts on the pitch, there is a team of professionals who are committed to promoting the Company's mission even off the pitch. This team, too, "trains" daily to achieve its results and support the business strategy.
Our team is our greatest asset. Our keys to success are the motivation, determination and passion that we dedicate to achieve great results.
Our people are always ready to accept new challenges in the continuous search for excellence.


  • Workforce: 885
  • Employees: 258
  • % men: 56% men
  • % women: 44% women

Organisational structure

From November 2018, our company organisation was divided, in continuity with the previous one, into three main operating areas reporting directly to the Chairman:

  • Sport Area - Pursues sporting successes and manages all technical activity.
    General Secretary, Football Technical Areas, Football Teams, 1st Team.
  • Revenue Area - Develops the Company's business globally and realises the revenues foreseen in the new strategic plan.
    Partnerships Revenue, Merchandising Revenue, Stadium Revenue, Marketing, Juventus Hong Kong Branch and APAC Project.
  • Service Area - Provides the most suitable tools from an organisational, technological, infrastructural and financial point of view for achieving corporate objectives in the medium-long term.
    Finance, Administration, Stadium and Facilities, Information Technology, Real Estate, Legal, Human Resources.

The following Departments also work in Staff to the Chairman:

  • Staff and Regulatory
  • Communication and External Relations
  • Internal Audit

The “JUVENTUS FC – S.p.A. - Hong Kong Branch ”, set up to support the development of international expansion strategies and the consequent generation of the Company's revenues through direct control of the markets of the APAC Region.