What We Offer

Our team

Our team is our greatest asset. We believe in the enhancement and growth of our people, we define continuous training courses to develop and consolidate competent technical and managerial skills. We work in a work-life integration perspective, introducing new welfare initiatives, in line with the objectives defined by the business strategy.


A team off the pitch, a winning team that trains with talent, passion, perseverance to reach new victories and consolidate our history.
A team that aims for excellence and wants to exceed expectations.
A dynamic, innovative, ethical, growth-oriented, stimulating work environment.
An ever increasing attention to sustainability.

Team Vincente


"We bring talented people with the qualities and skills on board to help create long-term success in line with the Company's business strategy. We take care of our people by investing in the development of skills and their professional growth, building solid, structured and internationally recognised paths in our industry. We work on the engagement of our people, on the proactive and constant dialogue between Manager and Team, to grow together and train for new challenges. Through the annual training proposal ""Grow By Learning!"" we support the development and enhancement of our people's skills through a Continuous Learning Approach which is useful for ensuring the development and updating of technical and managerial skills. We work by objectives, structuring the assessments on individual Performance and on the trend of Area / Management economics."



Our approach takes into consideration the well-being of our people at 360 °.
We promote remuneration policies with a view to internal equity and competitiveness with the international reference market.
We work with an hourly flexibility while respecting work-life integration.
We offer a Welfare Plan for all employees, where the main areas of intervention are young people and education, health and well-being, sustainable mobility, services to people and families, thus promoting work balance and private life.
We offer a range of employee welfare incentives and health benefits, including health and insurance coverage. We are careful to guarantee social security services and moments of info / training on the subject, also through time-saving services. We activate conventions on the territory and through welfare portals to facilitate our people.

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