2016/17 Sustainability Report

2016/17 Sustainability Report
2016/17 Sustainability Report
2016/17 Sustainability Report

Juventus Football Club has today published its fourth Sustainability Report, delivering the key information regarding the club’s sustainability strategy, as well as the actions and their impact in economic, environmental and social contexts relating to the 2016/17 season.

The document is divided into two parts: the first “J for Juventus: sustainability for the support of business” is more methodological and is aimed at stakeholders, presenting Juventus’ business in terms of sustainability, the company priorities and objectives of each role.

The second part is more concrete and sets out to narrate in depth the daily challenges at the club. Both parts of the report refer to one another thanks to written and visual cross references.

Listening to and actively engaging both current and new stakeholders is something that characterises Juventus’ sustainability path and the 2016/17 season has confirmed the club’s commitment towards this end.

The document showcases the results of the engagement initiatives aimed at two important categories of stakeholders: the men and women who work at Juventus and the club’s fans overseas.

The document, presented today during the Shareholders’ Meeting at Allianz Stadium, was drafted in accordance with the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI- G4), an institution which represents the most authoritative point of reference at international level and which underwent a limited review by PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory S.p.A.

With its fourth Sustainability Report, Juventus demonstrates a strong desire to change its approach towards internal processes and daily decisions, supporting business objectives.

This document represents today – and will continue to do so over the coming years – a tool for change, capable of helping Juventus tell with transparency the story of its past and future to everyone.

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