All the best, Giorgio!

All the best, Giorgio!
All the best, Giorgio!
All the best, Giorgio!

For the Pythagorean school born in Magna Graecia more than two millennia ago, the number 3 represented perfection - the union between odd and even, the triangle that is the basis of every geometric figure. A set of qualities, of joints that find the right place in time and space.

For Juventus fans, for 17 seasons, the number 3 stood for one thing, and one thing only: Giorgio Chiellini. Player, man and captain - three perspectives of Giorgio himself, who today concluded his career as a footballer.

Three, like the defensive line-up in which you excelled, becoming one of the best ever in the role. A reference for your teammates, for those around you and for those who supported the team in the stands and from home.

Three, like your ranking for total appearances in the history of Juventus: 561 games, behind only Alex and Gigi - the masters from whom you first learned your trade and with whom you then shared successes, defeats, and dozens of trophies.

Three, like the goals scored in Serie B in the 2006/07 season, the one that made you "one of us", capable of fighting in every situation "Fino alla fine".

Three, like the goals scored in your Champions League career – the most incredible carousel on which we were lucky enough to travel together, to experience breathtaking emotions, to scream with joy and cry with anger.


Everything, always, together.

You were always by our side, like a superhero ready to intervene if necessary. In your case, however, there was no shield, red cloak or bat-mobile: a blow to the head was enough - you took a lot of them - and off you went, all bandaged up. Once you wore that, there was no escape for our opponents: it was Kryptonite for any Superman who tried to challenge us, from the "Romeo Neri" of Rimini to the "Santiago Bernabeu" of Madrid.

Even in the MLS, where you’ve brought to an end your stellar 23-season career, they had a little taste of what you could still do, at 39 years of age. On the slopes of Hollywood Hill they know how to tell the deeds of heroes from other times, of apparently normal men who later turn out to be extraordinary.

Should they ask us which is our favourite, we have no doubt: with Giorgio from Livorno by our side, complete with that iconic bandage around his head, no one ever scared us.

Wishing you all the best, Captain!


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