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Arianna Caruso renews until 2025!

Arianna Caruso renews until 2025!
Arianna Caruso renews until 2025!
Arianna Caruso renews until 2025!

Arianna Caruso's future will still be in black and white.

Currently in her sixth season with Juventus, her renewal until 2025 is now official.

In the summer of 2017, the Juventus Women's team was just about taking shape and, among the players who would form the first women's squad in the club's history was a teenager, not yet 18 years of age. She arrived from Rome and was preparing for her first experience away from home. The fire in her eyes was emblematic of someone who had big dreams, and after becoming Bianconere, she never lost that fire. That assured look, with her contagious energy, even in difficult moments, makes you believe that anything is possible.

Number 21, Caruso. The shirt number has never changed. No one has more appearances in black and white than her, and only Cristiana Girelli and Barbara Bonansea have scored more for the club. This season, she is the midfielder who has provided the most assists throughout all of Serie A.

When the team needs goals, she duly responds. When the team needs to knuckle down, she doesn't hold back. When sacrifice and commitment are required, she is first to raise her hand. The numbers are testament to her growth, of how that girl with big dreams has become a pillar of this team. That look, which has matured along with her game, has become a safe haven for teammates and fans. And will continue to be so.

Having such a valuable player in the team has been, and will still be, crucial.

Congratulations, Caru!

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