Artissima Junior… is online!

Artissima Junior… is online!
Artissima Junior… is online!
Artissima Junior… is online!

Today is an important day for Artissima and Juventus, as well as young art lovers.

In fact, a special Artissima Junior initiative can be found online. The project was created two years ago from the collaboration between Artissima and Juventus, and, which for the next two weeks, will give new stimulus to children through the exploration of contemporary art.

It is an invitation for youngsters to develop their creativity as a form of freedom, all while facing the new present through metaphorical journeys outside one's own homes. This initiative stems from the idea of ​​Diego Perrone, a contemporary artist from Asti, who is fascinated by continuous experimentation through different means of expression.

Therefore, Artissima Junior has transformed itself, inviting each little art lover to become part of a special team of artists and create works outside of the box. Each design will become fragments of a collective and virtual project, which is by inspired by YOUR ICON, a project created by Juventus where fans are encouraged to redesign the club's logo in the most original way possible.

Perrone, who will tutor of the young participants, has invited them to reflect on the identity and team combination. Identity is understood as the set of personal and characteristic traits that make each of us unique and recognizable: it is the sum of our uniqueness.

Participants will tackle this theme through various artistic activities, venturing into the portrait practice and also confronting the format of the players' figurine, intended precisely as a photograph/portrait of each player's uniqueness.

The idea of​​addressing, on the occasion of this special edition of Artissima Junior, has led the artist to choose the format of an open letter. A personal and direct tool capable of establishing a relationship between the recipient and the artist, making each child the protagonist of the words he/she reads wherever he/she is in the world.

Readily converted into special emails dedicated to young participants, easily accessible without a mail program, the letters will appear on the Artissima website on a variable basis.

Thanks to the artist and his letters, the participants will discover how much freedom there is in artistic production and how, starting from simple rules, everyone can activate their imagination in a creative way by transforming something into a shared conceptual project.

Everything, as happened in the two previous editions of Artissima Junior at the Oval Lingotto in Turin, aims to produce a harmonic work that underlines the importance of the contribution of individuals, who have come together (virtually) to pursue a common goal.

Each participant will be free to choose whether to send their work to the artist through the Artissima website for publication and sharing, or to keep it for themselves.

This project has a common link to the YOUR ICON initiative: the final design will, in fact, be the result of the work of all those who want to join this special team of artists. It will be presented as a new interpretation of the Juventus logo, such as those created by users on the platform.

Luca Adornato, Head of Marketing at Juventus, says: "We are attentive and close to the world of art: we have shown it on many occasions, especially since we reinvented our visual identity. We are demonstrating this even now through the YOUR ICON project, and with this beautiful initiative dedicated to the little ones. We are happy to collaborate again with Artissima for this special edition that once again brings children closer to contemporary art, and with YOUR ICON they will experience an interesting moment of exchange and collaboration. This is an activity in which we strongly believe in, because it conveys fundamental values ​​for us, such as teamwork and collaboration."

These are the words of Ilaria Bonacossa, Director of Artissima: "In these times we have realised how society and children need art and creativity to feel free and happy. Creating, together with a young artist, offers the opportunity to feel part of a team and to understand how the rules are not a cage but a structure from which to let one’s imagination fly.”

Sharing ideas, thoughts and creativity makes everyone part of a team capable of overcoming new challenges.

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