Captain's log

Captain's log
Captain's log
Captain's log


“Torino have grown a lot, they are physical and have quality on the break. With Mazzarri they taken an important step forwards and can aim for Europe, which makes things more difficult for us.

"Ronaldo has already understood that there are two matches that we play that are not like the others. The one against Inter and the one vs Torino."


"Before a game I prepare myself, firstly by analysing our matches, and then secondly by studying the opponent. Then, on the pitch everything happens so quickly, and there are great players who even if you've studied them, manage to amaze you with their sudden movements. The two strongest players that I've had to mark are Cristiano Ronaldo, who luckily now plays with me, and Mauro Icardi."


"We have always worked hard in order to improve, to grow, and to learn from our mistakes and try to fix our flaws. Even today we have room for improvement, for example in closing out the games. I think that the perfect result is 1-0 until the hour mark, and then you really have to kill the game, because by doing that you waste less energy.

"The beauty of Juventus is precisely this ability to continue improving and to adapt. Just think about how the team changed, in terms of style and personnel between the two sides on the pitch in the finals of Berlin and Cardiff."


"Del Piero welcomed me when I was young, he and his teammates like Cannavaro made me feel at ease and part of the group.

"Unfortunately, I have only heard about Scirea but I am proud to be compared to him in terms of values ​​and to have the esteem of his family, it is a source of inspiration.

"I shared a lot with Gigi, in fact everything with him. He is a magnificent captain, able to get into your mind and fire you up when he speaks. I was happy to have him on the pitch behind me."

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