"Chasing the Dream", an exclusive voyage into Juventus Women's European dream 

"Chasing the Dream", an exclusive voyage into Juventus Women's European dream 
"Chasing the Dream", an exclusive voyage into Juventus Women's European dream 
"Chasing the Dream", an exclusive voyage into Juventus Women's European dream 

The Juventus Women are the stars of the original Juventus series "Chasing the Dream", an exclusive look at the Bianconere's dream of European glory, recounted by those who experienced it first-hand. Get ready to absorb all the excitement of a great sports story.

"Chasing The Dream" does not talk exclusively about football, however. It is a voyage into a dream that became an objective, a closer look at a European double-header that was as fascinating as it was tough, through the everyday lives of the Juventus Women. From the training pitches in Vinovo, where they work to develop and improve day after day, to their off-the-field world.

It is a journey that starts after the Juventus Women earned a spot among the eight best teams in Europe, after reaching the UEFA Women's Champions League quarter-final for the first time, having navigated their way out of a tricky group. They had reached an objective that, at the start of the season, few would have described as such – rather they'd have called it a dream.

It is that same dream that grows in the lead-up to Juventus versus Lyon at the Allianz Stadium, which also features important fixtures in Serie A and Coppa Italia. There are wins as well as unprecedented challenges, moments to look inside oneself and push harder to overcome one's limits, but not only in footballing terms.

On this journey, we see the sides of the girls we don't see out on the pitch. Their stories, the roads travelled to get here, the people with whom they share the highs and lows. From Martina Rosucci's hometown of Turin, and the lives of Valentina Cernoia, Lisa Boattin and Linda Sembrant, to the new arrivals such as Julia Grosso and Agnese Bonfantini, as they set out to discover – or rediscover, as is the case for Martina Lenzini – what Juventus is about. A whole world developing around a team capable of anything.

Then comes the contest with Lyon, of course. That unforgettable night at Allianz Stadium, followed by the toughest of outings in France, where the European run came to an end. It's an ending however that leaves the team with lessons learned and a new level of awareness of what they can achieve. "It's the journey that matters, not the destination." It may be an overused phrase, but rarely could it be more relevant than to this particular journey. What made it so special, however, was the desire to reach that destination, the unwavering belief it was possible.

"Chasing The Dream" captures all of this and much more, thanks to contributions from those at the heart of the action and never-before-seen images. It is available from today, Monday 20 June, on our YouTube channel.

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