From Under 23 to Next Gen - a new identity at Juventus

From Under 23 to Next Gen - a new identity at Juventus
From Under 23 to Next Gen - a new identity at Juventus
From Under 23 to Next Gen - a new identity at Juventus

21 August 2018. Just over four years ago Juventus Under 23 played the first ever official match in their history with a 1-0 win over Cuneo.

Today, 26 August 2022, a new beginning beckons for this intriguing project, a starting point on the path to further enhancing the team.

Juventus Under 23 officially becomes Juventus Next Gen.

With this renaming, the positioning of the brand as an innovator and pioneer is bolstered. Juventus is the only Serie A team to have the Second Team in Serie C, a team whose primary objective is to produce talent in line with the club’s philosophy, based on clear concepts such as ambition, continuous improvement, and player development. Next Gen, however, also means living the dream, in other words: shaping the future generations of players.

The renaming of the team is the first step on the path to expanding the potential of the project that took form four years ago, but above all, to strengthen the position of Juventus as an innovative and forward-thinking club.

And the message is very clear - Juventus Next Gen will provide many young talents the opportunity to grow and develop in the Juventus world in their bid to make the grade as professional footballers.

Since the inception of this team many positives can be taken away: Nicolò Fagioli, Fabio Miretti and Matias Soulé all now featuring in the First Team squad, are examples of this success. Fagioli, who came through the Juventus Academy, has gained invaluable experience in Serie B before returning to the fold. Miretti and Soulé, on the other hand, set off from different starting points but their paths have crossed, initially with the Under 17, then the Under 23 before the definitive jump to the First Team.

Then there are those, like Franco Israel, who came to prominence with the Under 23 and now wear the jersey of another prestigious club, in Israel’s case in Portugal with Sporting CP. Add to the mix players like Koni De Winter, Gianluca Frabotta and Filippo Ranocchia, all of whom are gaining experience on loan in Serie A. And then there are those, Enzo Barrenechea, Mattia Compagnon and Marco Da Graca just to name a few, who have had the opportunity to train with the First Team - and in the case of Da Graca actually make his senior debut - and who this year will have an important role at Juventus Next Gen.

The change is total and significant, a visual identity makeover that incorporates new graphics, a new font and new colours reflecting the bold innovation desire at Juventus. As well as storytelling and content for the team and players that will continue to evolve reflecting a youthful and global position.

All that remains is to start this adventure together, social media included. Talking of which, there is a new Juventus profile. So as not to miss an update, everyone follow Juventus Next Gen now on Twitter!

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