"Gaetano Scirea" - The exhibition inaugurated at Juventus Museum

"Gaetano Scirea" - The exhibition inaugurated at Juventus Museum
"Gaetano Scirea" - The exhibition inaugurated at Juventus Museum
"Gaetano Scirea" - The exhibition inaugurated at Juventus Museum

If you mention Gaetano Scirea, those who have had the good fortune of having seen him play live, and also those who have only been able to appreciate his exploits from archive footage immediately think of his elegance, his class, the triumphs he achieved in his career, and wearing the famous Black and White shirt.

Fans of statistics know that on 15 May 1988 Gaetano Scirea greeted his fans after taking the field against Fiorentina for the last of the 552 matches played with Juventus. Before Alessandro Del Piero and Gianluigi Buffon, no one had ever made so many appearances for the Bianconeri.

A complete and unique player, simply unforgettable.

Exactly 30 years after his death, on 3 September 1989 in Poland, Juventus Museum today inaugurated the temporary exhibition titled simply with his name: Gaetano Scirea.

Through unique videos, new material and priceless memorabilia (above all, the World Cup raised in Spain in 1982), the exhibition, located in the main hall of the Juventus Museum celebrates the history of "Gai" with Juventus. Featuring goals, many victories, and his path in the National team. His interviews and the testimonies of those who knew him as a teammate and as an adversary help to illustrate the portrait of a champion who is unparalleled in style, education and sense.


The temporary exhibition is divided into 5 sections:

1) The sweeper. Scirea was the sweeper by definition. A role that no longer exists today and that in its time was generally designated with the number 6 shirt. Gaetano continued the conception of his role: no longer just the last bastion, the defender who came to the aid of his companions, but as the man who participates in the construction of the attack, who sits in front and makes things happen.

2) The first steps (1953-74). "We must not compare him to anyone else: Scirea is Scirea." ​Heriberto Herrera, coach of the 1967 Scudetto-winning side, had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate Gaetano in his early years at Atalanta. A champion who announced himself in Serie A with La Dea and was noted from the start as a young man with a great future.

3) The arrival at Juventus (1974-1981). Gaetano won so much in the first part of his experience at Juventus. Starting with the 1977 UEFA Cup, which led to more international successes that would lead to Scirea becoming the first Juventus player to literally win everything, along with Antonio Cabrini. Of that memorable year, the jersey signed by all the team and, as well as a Juventus-Manchester United ticket - a game in which the Bianconeri number 6 scored an important goal for the tournament's qualification, is exhibited.

4) The devotion to Juventus (1981-88). Scirea was not only an irreplaceable player of Trapattoni's Juventus, who won everything in Italy, in Europe and in the world. He also became the captain and it was he - with the yellow jersey visible in the exhibition, who raised the Cup Winners' Cup in 1984. There is also a letter sent to his family, a precious document to understand who the man Gaetano really was.

5) World champions. "Gai" was one of the heroes of Spain 1982, an epic tournament that led Italy to win a World Cup that united the country like never before. The World Cup, in all its glory is visible at the Juventus Museum. Visitors will be impressed to see one of Gaetano's boots, which has an obvious opening at the tip. In fact, Scirea preferred to play with those used in the league, which was more comfortable for him, which is how he made his famous backheel in the final, in the build-up for Tardelli's goal to make it 2-0 - a technique indicative of his greatness.

It's an exhibition not to be missed, and will be available to visitors during their journey at Juventus Museum, starting from tomorrow and lasting until 7 October. For more information and opening times, click here.



"The years that have passed since the death of Gaetano have been difficult, but we have always felt the closeness of the people, of the fans and especially of Juve, who have always been silently by our side. With this exhibition the club wanted to thank him: Gaetano always thought of Juventus as a family and always said he that he would end his career here."


"The greatness of a player like Gaetano went beyond his technical skills, as evidenced by the fact that he was a defender who was never sent off in his career, which is an incredible thing. With his greatness confirmed by the presence of so many friends and former comrades at today's inauguration. We thank the Scirea family, who have been close to us throughout the entire organisation of the exhibition."


"Football must be grateful to Juventus for this occasion. The modern world needs testimonies such as this one of Gaetano Scirea, that represented a champion, capable of being influential both on and off the field. He had extraordinary intelligence and respect, and his memory must always be alive, for football that is made out of values ​​and respect."

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