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“Gioca con Me” returns to the United States!

“Gioca con Me” returns to the United States!
“Gioca con Me” returns to the United States!
“Gioca con Me” returns to the United States!

In September 2019, Times Square, in New York, hosted the kick-off of "Gioca con Me" in the United States. For the first time, the project conceived and developed by Juventus aimed at girls and boys at risk of social exclusion, in both Italy and abroad, that was in fact developed in the USA thanks to the collaboration with Street Soccer USA (SSUSA).

Since then Juventus, thanks to “Gioca con Me”, has supported the sports activities of girls and boys in the Flatbush neighborhood, in Brooklyn, and finally, has given the opportunity to the boys and girls of the suburbs of Los Angeles to play and meet the first team players on the recent Juventus Summer Tour.

Three years later it was once again the same magical setting in Times Square. Because yesterday, Saturday 10 September, the SSUSA Times Square Cup was held in New York, a tournament organised by Street Soccer USA which for a whole day transformed the famous square into a sports arena for the 4vs4 national football tournament, just like it happened in 2019.

This time, however, with one more big addition: on the occasion of this tournament the team of 10 girls that will participate in the Street Child World Cup, which will take place in Doha, Qatar, from 3-14 October was presented. The 10 girls aged between 16-18, identified as part of the various activations of SSUSA, all came from backgrounds at risk of exclusion in the US cities of New York, Memphis, Chicago, and Washington. Since September they have been preparing as a group for this extraordinary event of global significance, which will be attended by over 13 women's teams and 13 men's teams representing 22 countries.

More specifically, the US national team, present thanks to the support of Juventus, will be represented by the Street Soccer USA team group and will play with the Juventus uniforms | Gioca con Me.

All these are activities are part of the 10th anniversary of the project conceived by Juventus and which started in the autumn of the 2012/2013 season.

Once again, a splendid moment of football and sharing, without barriers, which saw our Club as a partner of the events.

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