Juventus celebrates the differences: this is Christmash-up!

Juventus celebrates the differences: this is Christmash-up!
Juventus celebrates the differences: this is Christmash-up!
Juventus celebrates the differences: this is Christmash-up!

Christmas is coming!

A little less than a month remains until the time of the year, that perhaps, more than any other, recalls deep values, a search for unity and the desire to be together.

The key word is together. Each with his or her own differences. This is the message that Juventus is making their own and wants to convey, on the occasion of the upcoming festivities, in order to ensure that it is truly a Christmas for everyone, and that it is an opportunity to collect the dreams, hopes and passions we share at the special table. Each of us has something unique that helps create a new culture, creating bonds between seemingly distant people and bringing them together in harmony.

It is no longer a question of black and white, we are who we are: and this Christmas will best represent our vision and our desire to have a leading attitude, to look ahead, live ahead. Live Ahead.

It will be a party where everyone, with their own differences, will become part of a larger concept. They will become part of Christmash-up!

What is Christmash-up?

First of all, it is an ambitious dream, which confirms the collaboration between Juventus and Save the Children. The Christmas Jumper Day, the inevitable appointment of Christmas sweaters organized by Save the Children, will be the occasion to announce a further step of the journey undertaken together, which will guarantee the children opportunities to which they are entitled, but to which are often deprived.

Christmas, however, is also an opportunity to rejoice and have fun together. In the coming days, the celebration of diversity will inspire numerous initiatives, even playful and fun, that will really allow everyone to experience in first person the Bianconeri Christmas, more colorful than ever.

Through the new line created for Juventus Christmas, characterized by different colours, bold and traditional icons that come together in a single symbol, and the many planned activities, we wish to inspire a new vision, an approach that involves everyone. We want to instill a message of integration and support, on which to build the foundation for a better future, where football can and must make a difference.

Here's what Christmash-up is: a step towards change.

There is so much to discover! Eager to see what kind of person you and your friends are during the Christmas period? Take the quiz and find out!

Once you have found the personality that suits you best, you cand find the perfect gift for yourself, your friends and family. All here! Oh, and did we mention, there are discounts too?!

Are you ready to celebrate the differences with us?

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