juve bologna 2022 Kostic

Kostić: "So happy to score my first goal!"

Kostić: "So happy to score my first goal!"
Kostić: "So happy to score my first goal!"
Kostić: "So happy to score my first goal!"


"I'm so happy to score my first goal and for the win, which was really important, we had to come out of a difficult month. I thank Dušan for the assist and I want to reciprocate it! Now, let's think about the next round of the Champions League: we want to cancel everything that has happened in the last month, especially for the fans who have been there with us."


"I liked the spirit, the compactness and getting a clear and important victory, also because we hadn't won a game for a month. We have to keep quiet and be careful, because this evening we got some offensive situations wrong, at a time when maybe we had to slow the tempo down. Now, we continue to work hard because we are behind both in Serie A and in the Champions League.

"Arek Milik is a player who knows how to play football very well, he's intelligent, he knows how to move, knows how to get free of the defence and we knew all of this, and he can especially play well with Vlahović. The players that returned this evening are very important, like those we are also still waiting for, because it's important to be able to have many players available. Manuel Locatelli did very well, and also Leandro Paredes who replaced him. Adrien Rabiot has a different engine from the others, he is in good form and can have a very important season.

"Tonight, I asked the boys not to overdo it, because the desire to kill the game immediately would have brought risks. We had patience and then made good use of the favourable situations: in these moments we need clarity and coldness."


"This week we trained with the right mentality: we had to bring home the three points and we did it with a humble match and playing as a team. We all have to keep things simple and today we did that, being very careful in defence, knowing that sooner or later a goal will arrive in front of us."

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