Marchisio: “Another final on Sunday”

Marchisio: “Another final on Sunday”
Marchisio: “Another final on Sunday”
Marchisio: “Another final on Sunday”


“We took a moment to reflect on our performance after the Roma game on Sunday night; after every disappointing result this season we have bounced back immediately in the next game.

“Previously we had always had the chance to regroup and reset in training but we did not have that this time. We replied in the best manner possible by bringing home our first trophy of the season.”


“It takes real quality and experience to recover straight away, and this squad has both in abundance. This was a different Juve from the one everyone saw on Sunday night but in such an intense period going from Champions League semi-finals to important league games, these things can happen.

“Of course we would have liked to seal the title earlier but looking at the big picture, the Roma result changes little. We certainly won’t let it happen again."


“Looking back to the summer, the condition we are in now is on another level and so it should be; this is the most important month of the campaign. The work we have put in over the course of the year has carried us to a potentially historic conclusion to the season."


“Obviously I am a player so that changes things but I am also living this period as a fan. I want Juventus to win the Champions League more and more with each passing day, always keeping in mind that every step closer we have taken was the result of sacrifice and hard work.

"We have been winning trophies consistently for years but that doesn’t change anything; every single guy in this dressing just wants more.

"We mustn’t take any of what we have achieved for granted because it is our past that has led us to this present.

“I hope the fans are as focused as we are on Sunday’s game. We will approach it as if it is another final because at the end of it, there may well be another trophy and another record: six Scudetti in a row, three Coppa Italia in a row.

“The Champions League has been a huge part of our history but the greatest strength of this club is always thinking one game and one victory at a time.

“Crotone are on a great run and are fighting for survival so we can’t afford any more slip-ups.


“Dani, like pretty much all of the South Americans we have had here, just has joy in his bones. He arrived from Barcelona where he had already won everything possible into a new country, a new league and a completely different style of play.

“Lots of foreign players in Italy take time to adapt because here, tactically, your starting point is always the opposition.

“He is a world-class player and his record speaks for itself; he has so much talent, so much experience and so much character that he can’t not be a key part of this Juventus team.”

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