Maurizio Sarri - We are prepared for different set-ups

Maurizio Sarri - We are prepared for different set-ups
Maurizio Sarri - We are prepared for different set-ups
Maurizio Sarri - We are prepared for different set-ups

In the latest edition of Maurizio Sarri’s press conference, the manager had a lot to say about our upcoming opponents this Saturday as we prepare to play tomorrow at 20:45 CET.


Praising Verona, Sarri explained that “they have been very consistent and are having a great season, going unbeaten for several games. They are a dangerous team and are well trained, it's going to be a difficult game." With Verona sitting comfortably in the top half of the table, it will certainly be a testing contest that we find ourselves in tomorrow.


With direction turned onto our squad. All eyes were on the birthday boy two days ago as Crisitano Ronaldo turned 35.

Other than celebrating turning another year older, the Portuguese star was doing what he does best on his special day… training hard!

Like Wednesday and Thursday, Sarri confirmed that today “Cristiano was in excellent condition in during training and has been ever since he got over his knee trouble.” Certainly, a big positive going into this match as Ronaldo is coming off scoring nine goals in seven Serie A matches.


Mentioning other players now…

"Rabiot is improving and is in good form and having continuity is important to enable him to improve even further. However, we can't forget the characteristics of Matuidi who is useful to have over the long haul of the season.

“Chiellini is proceeding as scheduled. The progress that he is making is very important. The most important thing right now is to listen to his sensations, as he is clinically healed.

“Danilo is training alone but is out on the field. I don't think it will be a long time until his return.

“Buffon will certainly play this month.”


Talking specifically on the match, the manager knows that we have to be in tip top form tomorrow evening. "We are ready to play whatever formation gives us the biggest guarantees and we are prepared for different set-ups.”

In what looks like a match that could see our midfield and defence thrive, Mr Sarri made a point of mentioning our abilities in these areas.

“We haven't scored much from midfield and this can be improved upon, we have on the other hand, scored a lot from defence.”

That’s it from our Juve-Verona press conference. Tomorrow, we’re back in action on the pitch!

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