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Montemurro on Twitch: "It's time to give our all"

Montemurro on Twitch: "It's time to give our all"
Montemurro on Twitch: "It's time to give our all"
Montemurro on Twitch: "It's time to give our all"

In his last live broadcast of the season on the club's official Twitch channel, Joe Montemurro presented the match against Roma - the final act of the Poule Scudetto - and also focused on the Coppa Italia final which will see Juve Women face the Giallorosse for the sixth and last time this campaign.

Before focusing attention on the main themes, the coach wished a belated happy birthday to Elisa Pfattner who turned 19 today, Friday 26 May.


"In the space of a few days we will face Roma twice. We're obviously really looking forward to the Coppa Italia final on 4 June, but to arrive at that appointment with the right attitude, we need to play a great match tomorrow too [Saturday 27 May 2023], again against the Giallorosse. It will be a new experience for me and for all of us. In my career I have never faced the same team in two consecutive weeks with a trophy in a final at stake in one of them."


"I didn't like how we lost against Fiorentina last weekend. When you wear the Juventus shirt, you must always have the glorious history of this club clear in your head and you must always honour it. But we need to move on, starting from our closing league match this weekend. It will be important for us not to waste precious nervous energy, especially from a mental prespective, ahead of the second of these two matches. Our approach must be relaxed, but at the same time maintain the right pressure to arrive as best we can for next week's final. This is really the time to give it our all."


“The future is in our hands. We have been working for some time to lay the foundations for a future that we hope will be bright. This season there have been many young players who have continuously appeared in the first team, displaying all their talent. I like projects that entail bringing through young players, like the one here at Juventus."


"Gaetano Scirea was always a class act. His deep sense of humanity and his humility always accompanied him throughout his career as a footballer and in life. Gaetano was a silent leader, an example for those around him on the pitch and in everyday life. He relied on a few words, communicating mostly through glances, to become a point of reference for everyone. Yesterday [Thursday 25 May] he would have turned 70. He is sorely missed."

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