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MONTEMURRO & ROSUCCI: “We know our strengths”

MONTEMURRO & ROSUCCI: “We know our strengths”
MONTEMURRO & ROSUCCI: “We know our strengths”
MONTEMURRO & ROSUCCI: “We know our strengths”

Joe Montemurro was joined by Martina Rosucci for the pre-match press conference ahead of the Bianconere’s return to European action in the UWCL quarter-final against Olympique Lyon. Neither coach or player could hide their enthusiasm as Juventus Women prepare to take on the competition’s most successful club.


“The Champions League is different to all the other competitions. It’s something special. There’s a buzz about it. There’s a complete transformation on a motivational level from Serie A to the Champions League, but it is something that works at an unconscious level.” 

“I haven’t had much luck in matches against Lyon in the Champions League. Last year we played well against them here, losing out only towards the end of the game. They were two different matches, though. In the home leg, we were bold and aggressive, but in the second leg our approach was more withdrawn."

“Tomorrow we have nothing to lose. We are up against a team that has won the tournament six times in the last 10 years, but we have earned more experience thanks to the group stage this season and we showed our value against Chelsea and Wolfsburg."

“Just like Italy earned a reputation in the Women’s World Cup, Juventus have earned a reputation on the back of our results, but we are still an outsider.”

“Our supporters are so important. I remember during the matches against Chelsea and Wolfsburg here at the Allianz Stadium, the reaction of the fans gave us the force to produce something extra. I hope the fans can provide the support to push us on.”



“Lyon are favourites. They have shown over the years that they have players of the highest quality. Our approach needs to be spot on. They start strongly, so we’ll have to be carefull from kick off. Afterwards, we’ll see how the game develops. We know our strengths and we’ve prepared the match to allow us to display them." 

"Every match for me is to be enjoyed. We work hard to play in these matches. Personally I don’t feel any stress, these moments are only to be enjoyed to the full.”

“Finally, we’ve put the moment of mental tiredness behind us. The players have recharged their batteries. Martina Lenzini has returned to the group and is training normally after her injury. She is in consideration for tomorrow. It’s good to have her back in the squad. The best thing about this squad is that we have two or three solutions depending on how the game unfolds. Amanda Nilden has developed well over the season, and she is a definite option. I am happy to have so much quality available.”

“Sonia Bompastor has done well at Lyon. It’s not easy to coach a team with so much talent and affirmed names as there are at Lyon. She has been able to manage the squad well. I wasn’t here so it’s difficult to comment on last year’s matches because the squads are different and the approach is different.”

“We are getting used to having the fans at games like this. We want something more. We want the full package. I need to thank the club for the opportunity they have given us to play here at the Allianz Stadium.”


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