Mister Montemurro in allenamento a Vinovo

Montemurro: We have objectives to achieve

Montemurro: We have objectives to achieve
Montemurro: We have objectives to achieve
Montemurro: We have objectives to achieve

On Sunday 26 November 2023, Juventus Women will take to the field for their last match before the international break, travelling to Campania to face Napoli Femminile. The objective is to earn a third consecutive victory, following up on their superb victory last weekend against Inter.

Coach Joe Montemurro started his usual pre-match analysis precisely from the victory against the Nerazzurre, before focusing on the positives - above all from the Juventus Primavera players - during the 5-0 friendly victory on Thursday 23 November against Freedom.


"In my opinion, in some moments of these last twelve months, we have lost a bit of awareness of our means, but these aspects are also part of our growth path. I think, however, that when important results come, like the one obtained against a strong team like Inter, the team's performance must be valued. We played a great match and won comprehensively and deservedly against our opponents. Having said that, it's important not to get too excited after a victory like this because there is always room for improvement, but I'm not worried about this aspect because the ladies are aware of it. In fact, this week they have worked hard to prepare in the best possible way for the away match against Napoli which will not be easy."


"All the matches in this league are difficult because you have to approach them in the best possible way, with the right attitude, and the same goes for the match against a tough team like Napoli Femminile. We will have to be very careful. We have objectives to achieve before Christmas, objectives that we have set ourselves as a team and to achieve them we must continue on this path, consequently the match in Campania is an important step in our journey. I am sure, however, that by believing in ourselves the results will continue to arrive and above all by continuing to train with great intensity."


"The team worked well, as usual, with a positive attitude. The intensity was high, I think the approach taken at the beginning of the season is being followed very well. The ladies arrive in Vinovo with a smile and with great determination. They always work one hundred percent and the results can be seen in the match. Furthermore, this week we also played a friendly match which was useful for us to see several young players from the Primavera team at work and some girls from the First Team who had found less playing time until now."


"Playing friendly matches is important for us because it allows us to see even the youngest players in action. These girls performed very well, their attitude was immediately proactive and I was very impressed by the ease they had in adapting to the First Team's playing model. I think the latter is the most important aspect. It means that we are on the right track in the football maturation path of these girls. I am also satisfied with the performance of those players in the First Team squad who have found a little less space in official matches at the start of the season. These test matches are also preparatory in this sense because they allow us to have them ready when they are called into question. Clearly when we realise that the team is performing well with certain players on the pitch, the space for the others is reduced, but modern football teaches us that even those who take over during the match have the same importance as those who start."

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